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Vimcal streamlines cross-zone scheduling.
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Vimcal is a calendar tool specifically designed for remote work. It allows users to easily schedule appointments and events across different time zones.

The tool offers various features such as booking links, keyboard shortcuts, color coding, and polls to enhance productivity. Vimcal is accessible on desktop, iOS, and as a Chrome Extension, compatible with Google or Outlook/Exchange accounts.

It promotes efficiency by providing lightning-fast operations through hotkeys and natural language commands. Additionally, Vimcal incorporates AI assistance to automate scheduling tasks, offering users predefined options that they can confirm with minimal effort.

This feature is claimed to save users three hours per week.The iOS version of Vimcal is described as a powerful mobile calendar designed specifically for work and school, emphasizing its suitability for on-the-go professionals.

It simplifies time zone management by allowing users to quickly find and select any time zone in the world by typing the corresponding city.Other notable features of Vimcal include social profiles and company dossiers for individuals users may encounter, a "Do Not Disturb" mode with customizable settings, and a unified view that integrates multiple personal and work accounts.

The tool is endorsed by notable personalities from Twitter, Roam Research, Reflect & Clearbit, and ATLAN, who praise its user-friendly interface and time-saving capabilities.

Vimcal positions itself as an executive assistant disguised as a calendar, offering users greater control over their time.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines cross-zone scheduling
Booking links feature
Keyboard shortcuts
Color coding
Efficient poll system
Accessible on desktop
Compatible with iOS
Available as Chrome extension
Compatible with Google accounts
Compatible with Outlook/Exchange accounts
Lightning-fast operations
Natural language commands
Saves significant user time
Mobile-focused design
Easy time zone management
Social profile integration
Company dossier access
Do Not Disturb mode
Customizable settings
Unified account view
Endorsed by industry notables
User-friendly interface
Enhances user control
Promotes efficiency
Automated task options
Multiple account integration
No flipping tabs
Optimized for remote work
Designed for work and school
Pull any time zone
Profiles for meeting attendees
Beautiful calendar backdrop
Pomodoro timer feature
Ambient sounds feature
Trust by fast-growing companies
Best mobile calendar
Cover calendar feature
Executives use and endorse it
Streamlines availability sharing
Integrated pomodoro timer
Ambient sound integration
No tedious slot typing
Fast way to share availabilities
Pull up time zone by city
Endorsed by Twitter former CEO
Unified calendar view
Fast and easy scheduling
Integrates work and personal accounts


Limited platform availability
No Android support
Limited email compatibility
No multi-language support
No free version
No offline capabilities
No video conference integration
Limited 'Do Not Disturb' customization
Limited user endorsements
Limited company information


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