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The Viral Post Generator ClonePage is a tool designed to help users create successful posts on LinkedIn. This tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate posts that are optimized for virality and engagement.

The post generator has several options for users to customize their posts. They are able to select the inspirational advice they want in their post, as well as set a cringe level from low to high.

The tool was created by Tom Orbach and Taplio, and is available to use in 2022. By leveraging the power of AI, users can create posts that are designed to have the best chance of going viral on LinkedIn.


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Viral Post Generator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 11th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Optimized for virality
Enhances post engagement
Customizable post options
Enables selection of advice
Selectable cringe level
Created by established developers
Current and updated (2022)
Ideal for LinkedIn posts
Allows for post-personalization
User-friendly interface
Javascript enabled
Advanced technology adoption
Mega-viral post generation
Time-efficient content creation
Handy for LinkedIn marketing
Fosters creative expression
Intelligently automates post writing
Wide variety of inspirations
Adaptable cringe level control
Developer's reliable reputation
Designed for modern marketing
Inspiration selector feature
Flexible cringe level adjustment
Maintained and updated regularly
Promotes user interaction
Generates unique LinkedIn content
Innovative post generation tool
Created by known figures
Latest tool in the market
Boosts LinkedIn interaction rate
Convenient for content marketers
Facilitates idea brainstorming
Streamlined user experience
Increases chances of going viral
Versatile cringe parameter selection
Provides inspirational content options
Specifically targets LinkedIn audience
Highly tuned for virality
Inbuilt JavaScript functionalities
Improved NLP for texts
Supports creative content strategy
Facilitates optimal post formatting
Endorsed by its creators
Innovative cringe level feature
Helps to measure engagement
Produces original LinkedIn posts
Ideal for professional networking
Promising success rate


Specific to LinkedIn only
Requires JavaScript
Limited customization options
No multi-language support
Possible overuse of cliches


What is the Viral Post Generator ClonePage?
How does Viral Post Generator ClonePage work?
What is the purpose of the Viral Post Generator ClonePage?
Does Viral Post Generator ClonePage only work for LinkedIn posts?
What are the customizable options in Viral Post Generator ClonePage?
What does 'cringe level' mean in Viral Post Generator ClonePage's settings?
Who created the Viral Post Generator ClonePage?
Is Viral Post Generator ClonePage a paid or free service?
Do I need to install any special software to use Viral Post Generator ClonePage?
How does Viral Post Generator ClonePage use AI to optimize posts?
Is JavaScript required to use the Viral Post Generator ClonePage?
What type of posts can Viral Post Generator ClonePage generate?
Can Viral Post Generator ClonePage guarantee virality?
How can Viral Post Generator ClonePage improve my engagement on LinkedIn?
Can I select the type of inspirational advice in the Viral Post Generator ClonePage?
How often is Viral Post Generator ClonePage updated?
How user-friendly is Viral Post Generator ClonePage?
Does Viral Post Generator ClonePage have a mobile version?
How does Viral Post Generator ClonePage define a 'successful' post?
What platforms does Viral Post Generator support, aside from LinkedIn?

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