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Social media trend discovery and analysis.
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ViralViews is an AI-powered tool for discovering the latest trends across all social media platforms. Users can create custom feeds with the most popular videos and posts from TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and more.

The AI engine analyzes millions of data points to bring the user the latest trends. It is used by 40+ agencies, businesses, and managers. It offers three plans for individuals, small teams, and agencies/businesses.

The Starter plan includes a daily trending feed, 10 keywords, 100 accounts tracking, and 3 users with basic support. The Popular Pro plan includes a daily trending feed, 25 keywords, 250 accounts tracking, 10 users, early beta features, and premium support.

The tool also offers a privacy policy and terms of service.


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Viralviews was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes multiple social platforms
Daily trending feed feature
Keyword tracking capability
Account tracking included
Terms of service provided
Privacy policy available
Offers subscription plans
Supports multiple users
Used by 40+ agencies
Offers early beta features
Support varies per subscription
Popular content discovery
Create custom feeds
Efficient data analysis
Coverage of many industries
Availability of public feeds
Supports small teams
Plan for individual users
Flexibility with keywords number
Multiple accounts tracking
Premium support in Pro plan
Dedicated user sign in
Sample feeds for review
Tailored to agencies/businesses
Scalability with user count
Optimized for trend discovery
User-friendly interface
Offers personalized research


Limited keyword tracking
Limited accounts tracking
Restricts number of users
No free trial option
Doesn't offer advanced analytics
No mention of programming API
Doesn't support real-time updates
No enterprise plan available
Premium features only for higher tier
Limited platform variety


What is ViralViews?
How does ViralViews work?
What social media platforms does ViralViews cover?
Can ViralViews track specific keywords?
Does ViralViews offer different plans?
What is the difference between the Starter and Popular Pro Plans in ViralViews?
What does 'early features beta' in the Popular Pro plan mean?
What kind of support does ViralViews offer?
What type of information does ViralViews' AI engine analyze?
Can ViralViews track specific accounts?
Who uses ViralViews?
Is ViralViews available for individuals?
What does the daily trending feed on ViralViews include?
How many users are allowed in each ViralViews plan?
How can I sign up for ViralViews?
Can I create custom feeds in ViralViews?
How does ViralViews identify trends?
What is the ViralViews' privacy policy?
How many data points does ViralViews analyze?
What are the terms of service for ViralViews?

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