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Enhanced videos with highlights, captions, and visuals.
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CutLabs is an AI-powered tool aimed at helping creators edit and enhance their videos, intending to increase viral potential. Using AI and computer vision technologies, the tool allows the generation of engaging highlight clips from existing content within minutes.

Through its AI Story Editing feature, the tool uses a Large Language Model to automatically identify and clip interesting narratives from the user's longer videos.

Another key feature is the Stylisable Auto Captions, which enriches the user's content by implementing automated captions in customisable styles. The Auto Speaker Close-Up function uses AI scene understanding to adjust the video frame, ensuring the speaker's face remains in focus throughout the video.

The tool also includes an Auto B-roll feature that automatically inserts contextually relevant visuals to enhance video comprehensibility. The user interface supports only English language at present, but plans for the addition of other languages are underway.

CutLabs aims to enhance video Watch-Through Rate, save time on repetitive editing tasks, and boost social account interaction by creating and posting daily content efficiently.


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