Avatars 10 Mar 2023
Virtual Face
Custom profile pics via blended human-tech approach

Generated by ChatGPT

The AI Profile Picture Generator by Virtual Face Studio is an AI-powered tool that produces profile pictures that look just like the user. The Architecture Studio uses a blend of AI technology and human work to generate customized profile pictures for users.

To create an AI-generated profile picture, users need to select the looks they want, upload 15 photos of themselves, and receive their AI pictures within 25 minutes.

The tool offers an average price of $9.49 for creating pictures, and it is claimed to have the fastest results on the market, offering more than 120 pictures.

Virtual Face Studio assures that user's privacy is maintained, as all images are deleted seven days after their processing. There is a money-back guarantee if the processing fails before completion.

The generated images can be used for commercial purposes, as they are released under the CreativeML Open RAIL-M license. Any specific style that a user likes can be reordered, and the tool does not use user photos to train its AI model for other users.

Overall, the AI Profile Picture Generator is a reliable and fast tool to generate personalized profile pictures for professional and personal use.


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