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Virtual Staging AI is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that enables users to add furniture and decor to an empty room by simply uploading a picture.

Developed at Harvard Innovation Labs, it is the world's first virtual staging algorithm powered by AI. The tool supports staging living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home offices, and closets, with a fast turnaround time of 30 seconds.

The tool automates the staging process, removing the need for detailed instructions to be provided to designers. Users can choose from a variety of room types and styles to suit their preferences.

The platform offers unlimited revisions, allowing users to make customizations without having to go back and forth with designers. Virtual Staging AI's pricing plans are among the lowest in the industry, with plans starting at $15/month or $0.10 per staged picture for Enterprise plans.

The tool offers numerous benefits, including increased buyer interest, 73% faster home sales, and 25% higher sales offers. Virtual Staging AI is trusted by real estate professionals, and its customers have rated it with excellent ratings on Trustpilot.

The tool is easy to use with its simple three-step process of uploading an image, incorporating AI magic, and downloading the staged photo for use.


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VirtualStaging was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fast 30-second turnaround
Automated staging process
Variety of room types
Numerous styles to choose
Unlimited revisions feature
Competitive pricing plans
Increase in buy interest
Promotes faster home sales
Higher sale offers possibility
Endorsed by real estate professionals
Excellent Trustpilot ratings
Simple three-step process
Developed at Harvard Innovation Labs
High customer satisfaction
Enterprise plans available
Aids in standing out
Easy and intuitive
No need for designer instructions
Receive more designs within seconds
Positive impact on potential buyers
Improves property listings
Enables creative property potential visuals
Allows instant use of staged photos
Cheaper than most agencies
Useful for rental property staging
Suits low profit margin listings
80% positive buyer impact
Mobile compatible
Full customization potential
Perfect for real estate professionals
Can stage multiple rooms
Removes designer waiting time


Limited room types
No offline operation
No API provided
Limited furniture styles
Dependent on image quality
No batch processing
No mobile app
No preview before finalizing
Requires internet connection
No user interface customization


What is Virtual Staging AI?
How does Virtual Staging AI work?
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Can I personalize my staged rooms with Virtual Staging AI?
How much does Virtual Staging AI cost?
What are the pricing plans for Virtual Staging AI?
What are the benefits of using Virtual Staging AI?
What impact does Virtual Staging AI have on home sales?
Can Virtual Staging AI help me get higher offers for my property?
How easy is Virtual Staging AI to use?
How is Virtual Staging AI compared to other staging services in terms of pricing?
Does Virtual Staging AI allow for revisions after the room is staged?
Where was Virtual Staging AI developed?
Is there a free trial for Virtual Staging AI?
Can I use Virtual Staging AI on my phone?
How has Virtual Staging AI been rated by its users on Trustpilot?
Do I need to sign up to use Virtual Staging AI?
How do I upload my pictures to Virtual Staging AI?
How can I download the staged photos from Virtual Staging AI?


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