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The Visual chatGPT Studio is a free extension for Visual Studio that adds chatGPT functionalities directly within the IDE. It allows users to consult the chatGPT in two ways – directly through the text editor or through a new specific tool window.

The extension provides a set of new chatGPT commands that can be accessed by selecting a method and right-clicking on the text editor. These commands include asking for complete, creating unit tests, finding bugs, optimizing, explaining, adding comments or summary for C# methods, asking anything, creating custom commands, and replacing selected text.

Users can also interact with chatGPT via a tool window and receive answers directly in it. Additionally, the extension provides a new window editor where users can interact directly with chatGPT as if they were in the chatGPT portal itself.

This tool window has more features, including the ability to remember the entire conversation, assume a personality that can be parameterized, and exclusively use the model gpt-3.5-turbo.To use this tool, users are required to create and set an OpenAI API Key.

However, note that the extension is dependent on the API provided by OpenAI, and there may be changes that affect its operation without prior notice. Also, the speed and availability of responses directly depend on the API provided by OpenAI.

If users encounter any bugs or unexpected behavior, they can leave a comment to enable the developers to fix it.


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Visual chatGPT Studio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free extension
Flexible interaction (text editor/tool window)
Methods accessible through right-click
Broad set of commands
C# methods support
Custom commands creation
Code replacing function
Tool window chat feature
Persistent conversation ability
Personality parameterization
Exclusively uses gpt-3.5-turbo model
Direct interaction as in chatGPT portal
Customizable language commands
Optional response destination (code editor/tool window)
Visual Studio ARM support
Visual Studio 2019 compatibility
Commands moved to submenu
Redirection of command responses
Syntax highlighting in tool window
Tool window text editor line numbers
Commands customization
Resizeable text editor
Improvements on 'Add Summary' command
TSQL syntax detection improvement
Special characters support for selected code
Icons for context menu items
Improved API token validation
Avoidance of unwanted characters in responses
Stop sequences in options
Shortcut commands
Redirect responses to tool window
Customize the commands through options
Method completion command
Improved request size capacity
Feedback while waiting for response


Changes affect operation without notice
Extension speed varies
Question size limitation
Long generated response may get cut
Responses may not meet expectation
Only uses gpt-3.5-turbo model for Turbo version
Right-click feature for C# methods only
Needs explicit command creation for replacing text


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