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Analyze your data using AI (Excel, CSV, JSON, homework + more)
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Vizly is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) tool that allows users to analyze their Excel spreadsheets, CSVs, JSON files, PDFs, images and more just by simply asking questions.

Vizly is one of the first AI tools that can generate insights from data without requiring any programming or technical expertise.

โœ๏ธ Upload your data and analyze it seconds
๐Ÿ“ธ Export your insights to docx, pdf, ipynb or HTML
๐ŸŒ Turn your analysis into interactive, shareable web applications that anyone can access
๐Ÿช„ Uncover hidden insights at the press of a button
๐Ÿ”Ž Customize each graph or each table and export your results to a program of choice

# Interactive Charts
Vizly's chart AI can generate over 40+ interactive charts and 300+ chart types.

# Statistical analysis
Vizly's statistics AI can perform a large suite of statistical analysis including Chi-Squared, T-test, Anova, correlation analysis and much more.

# Web scraping
Use Vizly to fetch webpages and automate tedious webscraping tasks.

# Explainable outputs
Vizly AI is able to explain each output and each piece of analysis to suggest the best next steps to take.

# Math solving
Vizly's AI is able to solve math problems, help with homework or help solve AP exams.

Vizly's AI simplifies tasks usually performed by expensive or complicated tools like SPSS, Python, R and Excel into simple prompts that anyone can use to analyze their data.

# More
Using Vizly, users can analyze a variety of data sources including CSV, pdf, Excel, JSON and image files. Using Vizly AI, users can generate Excel formulas, scrape webpages, generate custom graphs, generate content and even parse tables from PDFs. The AI technology of Vizly is able to generate intelligent insights from data and allows users to analyze results from just one click. Users are also able to export their data back to Word, html, pdf or ipynb files. Vizly users can also share their results as interactive web applications. Vizly also uses the power Python and R to solve homework assignments including calculus, math, algebra, statistics and physics.

# Related keywords
GPTExcel, Google Sheets, analysis, excel formula, content generation

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Mar 26, 2024
I can't help but rave about this product because of the level of craftsmanship in it; Vizly is made for data scientists, by data scientists, and it shows. Having tried various tools in the space, I can confidently say it's the best by a mile, the UX is silky smooth and will feel familiar to any data scientist, and yet it manages to supercharge your workflows - I gurantee you'll be a few times more productive, can't recommend it enough.

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