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Generate strategy via prototyping and reporting.
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Vizologi is an AI-powered innovation management software designed to help entrepreneurs, strategists, consultants, and students get AI-generated answers to their business questions.

It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for brainstorming ideas, conducting market research and competitive analysis, creating and editing unique business plans, and prototyping.

The tool uses a mash-up method to generate business models from hundreds of examples, helping users to identify new business opportunities. It also offers an AI-powered business model canvas database with thousands of examples that can inspire users to develop their own unique models.

Vizologi can be used to generate reports and presentations that can help businesses identify new opportunities and improve their existing strategies. It also offers a free 7-day trial so users can get started quickly and easily.

The pricing plans are based on credits, lists, and projects, with different plans offering different levels of access. Vizologi is designed to help businesses save time on market research and competitive analysis, allowing them to turn their ideas into businesses with long-term viability and generate new revenue.

It is also useful for students who can access a stunning knowledge base in just a few clicks.

Vizologi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates strategy via prototyping
Comprehensive suite of tools
Mash-up method for models
Generates reports and presentations
Free 7-day trial
Pricing based on credits/lists/projects
Reduces market research time
Reduces competitive analysis time
Exports projects easily
Auto-generates business plans
Great tool for exploratory studies
Brainstorm startup ideas automatically
Value creation through innovation reports
Ideal for discovering hidden niches
Facilitates outside-the-box thinking
Transforms cost into revenue
Generates over $75 per $1 invested


Credits-based access
Limited lists in basic plans
Limited projects in basic plans
No mobile application
Lack of API integration
Not open source
Limited free trial
Dependent on online connectivity
No offline mode


What is Vizologi?
How does Vizologi generate business strategy?
What are some key features of Vizologi?
What is the mash-up method used by Vizologi?
How can Vizologi help with market research and competitive analysis?
Who can benefit from using Vizologi?
Can Vizologi help me create a unique business plan?
How can Vizologi identify new business opportunities?
How can I use Vizologi for prototyping?
What kind of reports can Vizologi generate?
How does the business model canvas database in Vizologi work?
What are the pricing plans for Vizologi?
How can students benefit from Vizologi?
Does Vizologi offer a free trial?
What are credits, lists, and projects in Vizologi's pricing plan?
How can Vizologi help me save time on market research?
Can Vizologi generate new revenue for my business?
How can Vizologi help entrepreneurs?
Can Vizologi help me with brainstorming ideas?
Is there a knowledge base in Vizologi that I can access quickly and easily?

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