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Vocads Survey
Conversational feedback collection for businesses.

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Vocads is an AI-driven survey platform that reinvents the customer survey experience. It enables companies to collect richer data and gain real, honest and complete answers from their customers by using voice conversations with AI.

This leads to more accurate and detailed customer insights, which enable companies to adjust their strategies and retain their clients. The platform is easy to use, with no coding required and can be used to survey customers and employees alike.

It also provides data sovereignty and GDPR compliance, allowing companies to have full control over their data. Vocads collects more than just words and information, allowing companies to gain insight into customer feelings and emotional responses.

Additionally, it allows for surveys to be sent to customers in real-time, leading to higher engagement. Through its partners and clients, Vocads has received positive feedback about its technology and its ability to enhance customer experience.

Vocads also provides regular blog posts and a newsletter to keep users up to date on the latest trends in voice data.

Vocads Survey was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 19th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Voice conversational feedback
Richer customer data collection
Real-time survey sending
Capture emotional responses
Option for data sovereignty
GDPR compliant
No coding required
Can survey employees
Real, honest survey responses
Increased engagement with real-time surveys
Positive feedback from partners/clients
Regular blog posts and newsletter
Improved customer insight
Enhanced customer experience
Faster survey completion
Client retention strategy enhancement
Understanding of customer feelings


Voice surveys not universally liked
Unsupported languages could exclude audiences
Dependent on stable internet connection
Data interpretation needs manual review
Might misinterpret regional accents
Real-time responses may lead to incorrect answers
May not fully understand complex responses
Technical difficulties with voice recognition
Sensitive to background noise
Requires higher bandwidth for voice


What is Vocads?
What is the purpose of Vocads and how can it be used by companies?
How does Vocads collect and process data?
How does Vocads ensure GDPR compliance?
What kind of responses can Vocads collect aside from words and information?
Can Vocads be used for employee surveys?
Is it necessary to have coding skills to use Vocads?
What advantages does Vocads offer in terms of data insights?
How can Vocads help in enhancing a company's strategy?
What is the process to design a voice survey on Vocads?
How does Vocads help improve customer engagement?
Can templates be created and saved for future use on Vocads?
Does Vocads provide real-time customer surveys?
How can the collected data from Vocads help understand customer feelings?
Why is Vocads described as a no-code platform?
Can Vocads surveys be sent out automatically?
Does Vocads provide updates about the latest trends in voice data?
What do existing customers and partners say about Vocads?
Does Vocads provide demos for potential customers to try out?
What languages does Vocads support for its interface and surveys?

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