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Identified speaker & language in audio/video transcripts
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Vocapia's VoxSigma Speech-to-Text software suite is a leading edge speech processing technology that offers large vocabulary continuous speech recognition in multiple languages for a variety of audio data types.

It enables the transcription of large quantities of audio and video documents such as broadcast data, either in batch mode or in real-time. It also provides audio segmentation and partitioning, speaker identification and language recognition.

The software suite is available as a web service via a REST Speech-to-Text API, offering full speech transcription, audio indexing and speech-text alignment capabilities via a REST API over HTTPS.

Additionally, the software offers advanced language technologies such as language identification and speaker diarization to transform raw audio data into structured and searchable XML documents, enabling users to access content in video documents.

It is used for applications such as broadcast and telephone data mining, speech analytics, media monitoring, media asset management, speech transcription, subtitling and more.

The speech recognition software is available for over 82 languages and clients can create models for their desired language set.


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Pros and Cons


Recognizes large vocabulary
Continuous speech recognition
Supports multiple languages
Transcription for large data
Offers batch mode
Real-time transcription
Audio segmentation
Speaker identification
Language recognition
Web service with API
Full speech transcription
Audio indexing
Speech-text alignment
Advanced language technology
Transforms data into XML
Structured and searchable documents
Available for over 82 languages
Create models for desired language
Broadcast and telephone data mining
Speech analytics
Media monitoring
Media asset management
Application-specific models
Everyday language model updates
Redundant servers for reliability
Audio-video document processing
Automatic audio segmentation
Audio-text synchronization
Conference call transcription
Voice mail transcription
Speech-text alignment for audiobooks
Teleconference transcription
Telephone speech analytics
Raised productivity for transcription
Semantic and confidence scores
Non-speech segment inclusion
Punctuation inclusion
Adaptable specific models
Subtitle creation
Various application use-cases
Accurate statistical modelling techniques
Batch large data processing
Client-tailored models
Web service available 24/7/365


Limited to 82 languages
Potential privacy issues
Complex setup
No offline option
No mobile application
Dependent on internet connection
Possible XML navigation complexity
Lack of extensive integration options
Limited domain adaptability
Limited OS (Only Linux)


What is the Vocapia VoxSigma software suite?
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Is real time transcription possible with Vocapia?
Does Vocapia provide audio segmentation and partitioning?
Does Vocapia help in speaker identification?
Can Vocapia recognize languages?
How to access Vocapia via REST API?
What kind of documents can Vocapia convert from speech to text?
Can clients create models for their desired language set in Vocapia?
What is the main use of Vocapia?
How is the transcribed content provided by Vocapia?
What is the VoxSigma SaaS?
Is Vocapia available 24/7?
What are the applications of Vocapia's technology?
What type of data does the Vocapia's software handle?
Does Vocapia offer services to adapt or create specific models?
Can I use Vocapia for subtitling videos?
Does using the Vocapia system require any specialized equipment?
How does Vocapia software process telephone data?
Can I use the Vocapia system to transcribe business conference calls?

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