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Custom vocal tracks for music and voiceover projects.
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Vocs AI is an AI voice generator tool that allows users to convert their own voice into the voice of AI singers and rappers. With this tool, users can experience the power of AI voice conversion, without the use of robotic or text-to-speech voices.

Users can upload clean acapella vocals in WAV or MP3 format, choose from a selection of talented AI artists, and convert their original vocal into the chosen AI vocalist.

The converted AI vocals can then be downloaded for further use.One notable feature of Vocs AI is that users have control over the emotions and overall sound of their AI vocalist.

They can determine the pitch, tone, and feelings of the AI vocals, enabling a personalized and expressive outcome.In addition to voice conversion, Vocs AI offers a range of royalty-free artists for commercial use, including singers, commercial voiceovers, narrators, podcasters, and animated characters.

The tool also provides over 50 original instrumental tracks and more than 1000 royalty-free audio loops in various genres, enabling users to complete their hit songs.Vocs AI offers different pricing plans, including a free plan with access to three AI artists and standard quality vocal conversions.

Paid plans provide access to more AI artists, higher quality vocal conversions, increased download limits, and additional features.Overall, Vocs AI is a versatile tool that empowers users to experiment with AI-generated vocals, customize their sound, and access a library of royalty-free artists and instrumental tracks.

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