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Vocal mimicking for music demos.
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VoiceSwap is an AI tool created by DJ FRESH and NICO PELLERIN. It aims to assist producers, artists, and writers who prefer not to use their voice in songs by utilizing AI to transform their vocals to resemble those of featured artists.

The featured artists, who are partners of VoiceSwap, benefit from the use of their AI models. VoiceSwap allows users to create high-quality demos legally using the official AI models of these chart-topping singers.With VoiceSwap, users can generate demos but are not permitted to share the resulting audio publicly or monetize it in any way without obtaining permission from an artist representative, whom VoiceSwap will connect them with.

The AI models employed by VoiceSwap ensure that the output audio is traceable and legally owned by the singers. Consequently, it cannot be used publicly without explicit consent, similar to a genuine studio-made demo.The tool functions by enabling users to upload a WAV file, after which, in approximately thirty seconds, they receive an AI demo from the artist of their choice.

Users are initially provided with 60 free seconds of audio credit, usable with any of the available artist models. Afterward, users must select a subscription plan to access full song creation capabilities.Like any instrument, VoiceSwap requires some skill to achieve optimal results.

It is advisable to treat the input audio with similar production techniques used for vocals, including using good takes, applying auto-tune if necessary, and employing compression.

The model output will reflect the characteristics of the input audio. Users can adjust the transpose slider to match the natural pitch of the chosen artist by experimenting with different octaves.


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Voice Swap was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Created by experienced artists
Legally approved artist models
Fast processing time (30 sec)
Free 60 seconds initial credit
Availability of subscription plans
Audio traceability
Assists with artist permissions
Allows vocal transformation to artists
Adjustable transpose slider
Ideal for producers, writers, artists
Encourages use of defined production techniques
Models reflect input audio characteristics
Artist model variety
Connectivity with artist representative


Limited artist selection
No public or monetisation use
Requires good audio skills
Limited free usage
Subscription required for full access
Output dependent on input quality
Permission needed for commercial use
Only supports WAV files
Output traceable, owned by artists
Requires fine-tuning for optimal output


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Can I create a model of my own voice using VoiceSwap?
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Do the singers get any benefits from me using their AI models in VoiceSwap?
How do I contact an artist representative for permission to use the audio publicly?
Is the audio traceable to the original singer in VoiceSwap?
Can VoiceSwap help me make my male voice sound like a female voice or vice-versa?
Does VoiceSwap offer free features?
What subscription plans does VoiceSwap offer?
How can I become a partnered artist with VoiceSwap?

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