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Expand your reach: Translate and dub your videos in 30 languages seamlessly.
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VoiceCheap is a revolutionary web application that empowers content creators and YouTubers to translate and dub their content into 30 different languages effortlessly. Whether you’re a budding influencer or a seasoned creator, VoiceCheap makes it incredibly easy to take your content global and grow your audience.

Key Features
1. Video Translation and Dubbing
▪ Translate and dub your videos in 30 languages with near-perfect voice cloning.
▪ Choose from three dubbing options: clone the original voice, clone your own voice through uploaded audio files, or use a pre-selected voice from our extensive library at a reduced token cost.
2. Lip Sync and SmartSync
▪ Ensure your dubbed videos look natural with our Lip Sync feature, adjusting lip movements to match the new audio.
▪ SmartSync adapts the speech to match the original video’s timing, providing fluid and natural translations that fit perfectly within the given timeframe.
3. Subtitle Integration
▪ Add subtitles in multiple languages easily. Customize and adjust subtitles to ensure accuracy and context-appropriate translations.
4. Versatile Import Options
▪ Import your videos via file upload, or through links from platforms like YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, and more.
▪ Connect your YouTube account directly for seamless video selection and importing.
5. Intelligent Translation
▪ VoiceCheap provides contextual translations that go beyond literal word-by-word translation, ensuring high-quality, meaningful communication that retains the intended message.
6. Background Noise Management
▪ Choose to retain or remove background music and noises for a cleaner final product.
7. Comprehensive Customization
▪ Customize every aspect of your translation and dubbing process, from adjusting specific terms to managing speaker transitions.
8. Efficient Transcription
▪ Fast and accurate transcription services, converting speech to text in multiple languages.
9. Flexible Outputs
▪ Download audio or video files directly, or share links to your translated content without the need for download.

• Reach a Global Audience: Break language barriers and expand your viewership by making your content accessible to audiences around the world.
• Increase Engagement: Attract more viewers by offering content in their native language, resulting in higher levels of engagement and interaction.
• Save Time and Costs: Automate the translation and dubbing process, saving time and reducing the cost compared to traditional methods.
• Enhance Quality: With advanced features like SmartSync and Lip Sync, ensure your translated content maintains the quality and authenticity of the original video.
• Monetary Flexibility: VoiceCheap offers a token-based system with various subscription plans, providing flexibility based on your needs. Enterprise solutions are available for customized plans.

Getting Started:

Sign up and enjoy free tokens to test our service. Our subscription plans range from €30 to €1500, with customized enterprise solutions available.

Use VoiceCheap to make your content go international effortlessly.

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Pros and Cons


Dubbing in 30 languages
Customizable voice options
Voice cloning
Multi-speaker dubbing
Automatic multilingual subtitles
Background noise removal
Ultra-fast speech-to-text
Text-to-speech feature
SmartSync Technology
Seamless video import
Flexible pricing
Satisfaction guarantee
Multi-speaker LipSync
Isolates speech from noise
Versatile Text-to-Speech
Token system for pricing
Subtitle Generation
Integration with social media
4K video quality
Video file size limit
API available
Priority Support option
No credit card required
Tokens as system currency
Refund policy
Dubbed audio quality
VoiceCheap's application
Video translation options
Compatible with different videos
Voice translation with cloning
Supports horizontal or vertical videos
Supports short or long videos
Supports audio file translation
Maximum video length 60 minutes
Free version available
Subscription cancellation anytime
Accessible invoices
Doesn't require credit card
Refund for undelivered results
Refund for unsatisfactory service
Option to create account with Google
Accessible company links
Affiliate program
Accessible legal pages


Limited to 30 languages
File size limit
Max 60 minutes video
No rollover tokens/minutes
Refund restrictions for monthly users
Expiry of unused tokens
Specific token system
API not currently available
Multi-speaker LipSync not for all plans
No free version features


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