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Easy localized dubbing for YouTube videos.
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Voiceling is an AI-powered video localization and dubbing tool that aims to replace expensive translators. It can be installed as a Chrome extension and offers features such as background conservation, gender recognition, and multi-speaker detection.

The tool supports over 30 languages, allowing users to understand and enjoy global content in their native language. Voiceling claims to be extremely fast, able to transform 20-minute videos in around 5 minutes.

It promises accurate dubbing and translation, delivering impeccable communication in multiple languages. With the extension, users can translate and dub YouTube videos with just a single click.Voiceling provides a demo that showcases its advanced technology for effortless language translation.

The tool's gender recognition feature assigns a woman's voice to females and a man's voice to males, creating an authentic audio experience. Additionally, the multi-speaker detection ensures each speaker is assigned a unique voice, enabling clear and engaging conversations.

The background noise conservation feature uses AI to preserve the original video's atmospheric sounds.Voiceling offers cost-effective pricing plans, including a free plan with limited translation time.

The tool is actively improving its AI algorithms to accurately translate technical content, although there may be some reduced accuracy and potential word omissions.

During the beta phase, there is a 20-minute limitation per video, but the company is working to expand the infrastructure and remove this limitation in the future.


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