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Craft perfect voicemail greetings and on-hold messages.
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VoiceMailCraft is an online tool that allows you to create tailored voicemail greetings and on-hold messages. It operates through a simple and easy-to-use generator to craft professional automated voice messages.

The tool allows users to input the desired text for the voicemail greeting. After inputting the message, users can preview the voicemail recording to ensure it meets their expectations.

If satisfied, the voicemail greeting can be instantly downloaded for use in your phone system. The tool also supports multiple languages, and offers the choice of selecting different voices, including options for voices with different accents.

Furthermore, this tool features an option to add background music to the voicemail. As a beneficial addition, there are pre-created scripts available for different scenarios like vacation, business hours, and more to inspire the creation of the perfect phone greeting.

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Mar 12, 2024
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    Pros and Cons


    Easy-to-use generator
    Multiple language support
    Accent options for voices
    Background music addition
    Pre-created scripts available
    Message preview functionality
    Instant download
    Globally accessible
    Clear and concise messages
    Inspiring professional greetings
    Increases callback rates
    Professional perception to users
    Improves customer satisfaction
    Voicemail customization
    Multiple uses across industries
    High quality output
    Fast service


    No mobile app
    No voice editing
    No audio tweaking
    Instant download only
    Lacks volume control
    No voice speed control
    Lacks tone adjustments
    Limited voice options
    Limited music backgrounds
    No multi-voice feature


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