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Voicenotes is a comprehensive tool designed to serve as a digital repository for recording and storing thoughts, ideas, family moments, or lectures. It is crafted to facilitate easy recording of any form of personal or professional notes for future reference or use.

This tool also intuits an AI-driven functionality that allows the user to ask questions, seek feedback, or just reflect about past notes, emotions and ideas.

An inherent feature of Voicenotes includes the capability to transform is recorded notes into various forms such as summaries, blog posts, tweets, and to-do lists.

Ensuring user convenience, Voicenotes is formatted to be accessible via a mobile app that enhances its usability. An underlying principle of Voicenotes tool underscores a strong commitment to the privacy of its users, ensuring that all data recorded and stored remains secure.

Moreover, it has a distinct concern for promoting longevity and emphasizing a beautifully interactive user interface. The tool does not necessitate a sign-up for recording the first voice note, which amplifies its user-friendly appeal.


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Apr 30, 2024
It looks great. With PRO will wait for mobile version. Will be my assistant when I can record ideas throuth the watch.
Mar 30, 2024
MAJOR RED FLAG #1: "Unlock 15 hidden features to level-up your note-taking"? Business Ethics 101: be transparent with what you're offering customers. MAJOR RED FLAG #2: Where is your privacy policy, terms of service, etc.? You're not going to convert a lot of folks through a backstory YT video, though I'm glad you squeezed that in between "more important" errands -- judging by your decision to shoot it in your car (!)
Mar 30, 2024
We built this for us, and if other people want to use it, so be it, but I’m not going to try and sell on why one should use or buy it. Judging by the sign-ups and upgrades, it looks like more people are finding it useful. You are right about #1 and that line does sound a bit dishonest and salesy - which was unintentional so I’m changing that. It was very real though and we carefully baked in tiny little details for our upgraded users. For eg, we have invited most of our upgraded users to try the mobile apps’ TestFlight version.
Mar 27, 2024
Excellent tool, signed up for the lifetime deal. Terrific value
Mar 30, 2024
Thanks, Brian! Would love to hear if you have any feedback: jijo at

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Pros and Cons


Multifunctional note taking
Mobile app availability
Transforms notes into summaries
Generates blog posts
Produces tweets
Creates to-do lists
Strong commitment to privacy
Interactive user interface
No sign-up for first note
Facility for feedback
Personalized questions feature
Promotes longevity
Ensure data security
Lecture recording functionality
Transforms notes into different forms
Allows reflection on past notes
Digital repository for records
User-friendly design
Requotable for future reference
Commitment to user interface beauty


Limited to mobile app
No desktop version
No automatic transcription
No multilingual support
No integration with other tools
Limited adjustable settings
Requires Internet connection
No offline mode
Limited note transformation options
No live voice memos sharing


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