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Gather feedback with AI, deeper than surveys, cheaper than interviews.
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Voicepanel is an AI voice moderator tool designed to facilitate deeper insights into customer behavior and sentiment. This tool takes a holistic approach to gain customer feedback by superseding traditional methods like surveys and research interviews, thus delivering richer feedback and actionable insights cost-effectively.The core functionalities of Voicepanel includes Voice Interviews, Video Interviews, Interactive Surveys, and Translation services.

Voice and video interviews allow businesses to conduct in-depth discussions and observe customer behaviors in real-time. The Interactive Surveys feature offers an efficient way to collect quick feedback.In addition to interviews and surveys, Voicepanel supports translation services for 29 languages, facilitating global outreach.

It utilizes AI to synthesize data collected from interviews, transforming them into themes, insights, and recommendations.Voicepanel simplifies and speeds up the process of data collection and analysis.

The respondents provide feedback in their own time, eliminating the need for scheduling interviews. The Voicepanel AI tool is designed to cater to various use cases, including consumer insights, concept testing, and customer feedback.The product is capable of recruiting quality respondents for interviews and ensuring the productive use of collected data.

By distilling hours of conversation into crisp insights, capturing sentiment and themes, Voicepanel provides a comprehensive report with concrete recommendations.

Voicepanel encourages businesses to transform their learning objectives into actionable strategies effectively. It proves particularly useful for businesses that need consumer insights, concept testing, and customer feedback at large volumes.

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Pros and Cons


Voice Interviews
Video Interviews
Interactive Surveys
Translation services across 29 languages
Holistic approach for feedback acquisition
Instant synthesis of actionable insights
On-demand respondent feedback
Supports varied use cases
Qualitative respondent recruiting
Distills conversations to insights
Theme and sentiment identification
Comprehensive report creation
Cost-effective solution
Suitable for larger volumes
Transforms learning objectives to strategies
Interactive charts and highlights
Customizable voice and video options
Real-time response to respondents
Convenient for consumer insights
Ideal for concept testing
Effective for customer feedback collection
Automated draft interview planning
Option to customize respondent panel
Speedy data collection and analysis
Eliminates scheduling interviews
Global business outreach
In-depth customer behavior observation


Limited language support (29)
May require respondent tech-savviness
No dedicated mobile app
No live audio/video feature
No automatic respondent recruiting
Insights depend heavily on quality of natural language understanding
Limited integration capabilities
May not be GDPR compliant
Potential respondent accessibility issues
No real-time interaction with respondents


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Does Voicepanel offer a comprehensive reporting feature?

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