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Convert texts to natural sounding speech and vice versa.
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Voiser is a text-to-speech machine learning technology that provides the most human-like voice available. With over 550 voice options available in 75+ languages, Voiser is the realest text-to-speech conversion program.

It also offers a reverse feature, allowing users to convert speech to text. Voiser offers a free trial with up to 50 characters, with additional packages for more usage and premium voices.

The platform supports a variety of languages, including Turkish (Turkey), Afrikaans (South Africa), German (Germany), Dutch (Belgium), English (United States), French (Belgium), Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified), and many more.

Users can choose from a variety of voices, ranging from HD to HQ quality, including Ibrahim, Meryem, Filiz, Aylin, Berk, Berra, and Hakan. Voiser also allows users to selectively show slang words, and to automatically add punctuation or to turn it off.

Voiser was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 5th 2023.
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Dec 1, 2023
Voiser is an exceptional platform that seamlessly bridges the gap between text and speech. What sets Voiser apart is its user-friendly interface and the versatility it offers. Whether you're looking to convert written content into speech or vice versa, the platform's intuitive design ensures a smooth and efficient experience.
Dec 1, 2023
The best voice synthesis quality in the market. love you Voiser!
Nov 29, 2023
It is an indispensable initiative for my social media content voiceovers. It helped me gain global reach with many voice options in many languages. In addition, transcription features are available. With this feature, I can convert YouTube videos or lecture recordings into text in seconds and search within the text. I recommend it. It is affordable compared to its competitors
Aug 1, 2023
Free until you want more voices.

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