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Vopmo AI is a job interview assistance tool that focuses on creating compelling video introductions or pitches for job seekers. Users provide their CV and job listing to Vopmo which then generates a personalized introduction speech.

This is showcased via a 'digital twin' - a representation of the candidate. The tool includes features such as application video pitches ranging from 45 to 120 seconds, post-response introductions, and interview preparation videos.

Custom videos, reviewed by human experts, aim to enable candidates to leave memorable impressions on prospective employers. Vopmo offers unlimited revisions within a specific timeframe post-delivery, and dissatisfaction reported within a defined period could be eligible for refunds.

The platform promises a swift and secure solution - it crafts a custom avatar-based video promptly after receiving an order and necessary documents. Completed videos are delivered to the user via email within a speculated duration.


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Vopmo AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 25th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized introduction speech
Uses 'digital twin' technology
Options for video pitch length
Post-response introductions
Interview preparation videos
Custom videos reviewed by experts
Unlimited revisions
Prompt order fulfillment
Privacy secured solution
Email delivery of videos
Refund on dissatisfaction
Avatar-based video creation
CV and job listing based personalization
Helps in personal branding
Serves as a job application assistance
Enables memorable impressions on employers
24-hour delivery promise
Wide range of payment options
Adjustment for minor discrepancies
Email and call support system
Transparent shipping policy
Returns policy on digital services
Potential expedited processing
Risk and title on delivery


No mobile application
Limited to video pitches
No real-time interaction
Possibly impersonal digital twin
Dependent on CV quality
Reliant on email delivery
Unspecified revision parameters
Undefined 'swift' process times
Unclear refund criteria
Doesn't support non-English CVs


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