Voice coding 2023-12-11
Transforms IDEs to vocal user interfaces for developers.
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Voqal is a programming assistance tool specifically designed for IntelliJ-based Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). It primarily serves as a vocal interface for these IDEs, revolutionizing the conventional interaction developers have with their development environments beyond the usual Graphical User Interfaces.

Voqal leverages the power of voice to enable software developers to code using verbal instructions, fundamentally expediting the development process. In addition, Voqal is designed to comprehend the developer's words in the context of software development, interpreting the intended meaning behind the spoken words.

Besides, the tool facilitates natural language programming, empowering developers to draft clear, concise code verbally with minimal or potentially no typing required.

It also features a unique functionality for developers to refactor code through a dialog simulation, essentially serving as a tool for rubber duck debugging.

This function can be particularly instrumental when developers encounter difficulties understanding specific sections of the code.


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Voqal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms IDEs to VUIs
Optimized for IntelliJ IDEs
Enables programming via speech
Context-sensitive language comprehension
Minimizes need for typing
Facilitates natural language programming
Refactoring code through dialogue
Rubber duck debugging capabilities
Multilingual capabilities
Includes 'vocal intents' for shortcuts
Context-aware assistance
Remembers user preferences
Configurable personality settings
Navigation ease
Voice-controlled debugging
On-device transcription
Facilitates productivity increase
Affordable subscription cost


Specific to IntelliJ-based IDEs
Reliance on voice commands
Requires vocal clarity for accuracy
Potential misunderstanding of verbal instructions
Dictation might be slower than typing
May lack precision in complex commands
Cannot be used in noisy environments
Users limited to three IDE instances for free
Charges monthly fee after trial

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