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Automated meeting summary generator.
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Vowel AI is an automated meeting summaries tool that uses AI to save time and keep everyone on the same page. It records meetings and automatically generates summaries with key takeaways, eliminating the need to manually distill notes and share with others.

It also allows users to catch up on missed meetings quickly, and review summaries alongside recordings and transcripts. The summaries can be edited and shared via Slack, and Vowel AI will soon be available as a paid feature.

Vowel AI is an efficient way to ensure everyone is on the same page and to keep meetings organized.


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Vowel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic meeting summaries
Time-saving tool
Comprehensive meeting records
Quick review of missed meetings
Edits for summaries available
Summaries shareable via Slack
Summaries integrated with transcripts
Summaries alongside recordings
Helps avoid duplicate meetings
Live transcription of meetings
Dashboard for all records
Automated note distillation
Summaries for cross-functional meetings
Potential paywall, limits frivolous use
Review summaries from past meetings
Summaries available in HOME tab
Capable to host meetings
Records are instantly reviewable


No live customer support
Paid feature
Shared only via Slack
Limited editing capabilities
Incompatible with some conferencing tools
Not suitable for confidential meetings
No mobile app
Access delay for summaries
Potential issues with accents
Dependency on internet connection


What is Vowel AI?
How does Vowel AI work?
What is the main purpose of Vowel AI?
Does Vowel AI only generate meeting summaries?
Can Vowel AI record meetings?
Can I edit the summaries generated by Vowel AI?
How can Vowel AI help me save time during meetings?
How does Vowel AI ensure everyone stays on the same page?
Can I share the summaries generated by Vowel AI through Slack?
Will Vowel AI be a paid feature?
How can I catch up on missed meetings with Vowel AI?
How long does it take for Vowel AI to generate a meeting summary?
Can I review summaries alongside recording and transcripts with Vowel AI?
What platforms does Vowel AI support?
How can Vowel AI improve my productivity during meetings?
Can Vowel AI assist in organizing my meetings?
Does Vowel AI offer live transcription of meetings?
Is there a demo I can request to see how Vowel AI works?
How do I sign up for Vowel AI?
Where can I access the summaries generated by Vowel AI?


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