Lead generation 23 Feb 2023
Boost sales leads with tailored voice messages.

Generated by ChatGPT

Voxwave is an AI-driven lead generation tool that uses personalized voice messages to increase response rates and convert leads into buyers. This tool enables sales professionals to record a minute of their voice on the platform, write a message using dynamic tags, and drop the generated snippet into their mailer to send hundreds of personalized voice emails to pre-warmed or cold leads.

By adding a human touch to the moments that matter most, Voxwave's voice personalization function helps sales professionals to build credibility from the outset, personalize follow-up messages, and revitalize leads that have fallen off by reaching out with a familiar voice.

Voxwave seamlessly fits into users' current workflows and shows all the important data points they will ever need. The tool provides a clear, consistent voice in the initial message that promotes credibility and trust, and auto-generates names for increased engagement in follow-up messages.

Voxwave's AI-generated samples, personalized voice messages, and real human voice samples comprise the three-step process to warm-up leads, send dynamic messages to those that engage, and post-call follow-up respectively.

By joining Voxwave's waitlist, sales professionals can increase their response rates and win more business, and users can view the company's notification based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Act, privacy policy, and terms of service on the website.

Overall, Voxwave is a useful tool for sales professionals who want to use AI to revitalize leads and increase their response rates through personalized voice messages.


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