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Voz is an AI tool designed to assist language learners in advancing from an intermediate level to an advanced level more efficiently and affordably. Through AI-guided video lessons, Voz aims to enhance speaking and listening skills while promoting immersion learning, which has been proven to be more effective than traditional methods.

The platform currently supports Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and plans to introduce Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, and English in the near future.Using Voz is a four-step process.

Firstly, users watch real-world videos at their own pace, with the option to slow down or receive translations and grammar explanations for better comprehension.

Secondly, an AI tutor facilitates discussion by pausing the videos at each section, allowing users to respond and ask questions. Thirdly, users can seek help and feedback from the AI tutor for language-related queries, including vocabulary, grammar, and general language questions.

Additionally, a grammar feedback feature is available for ongoing improvement. Lastly, a review feature is soon to be introduced, allowing users to reinforce their learning by reviewing challenging words or sentences through spaced-repetition flashcards or exporting to Anki.Voz emphasizes affordability compared to traditional tutors and classes, as well as faster progress compared to other language learning applications and books.

The tool offers a free trial for potential users, and frequently asked questions regarding cost, trial availability, and user satisfaction are addressed on their website.

Voz operates under the privacy policy of BLUEBYTE LLC and utilizes YouTube as a source for their video content.


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