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Automated sales data analysis software.
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Calculus AI is an analytics and business intelligence tool that is offered as part of the Vtiger CRM suite of products. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and trends in sales data, and generate predictive insights that can help businesses make more informed decisions.

With Calculus AI, sales teams can track and predict performance metrics such as sales forecasts, deal values, and win rates, as well as monitor customer engagement and retention.

The tool provides a range of features for sales automation, including lead and contact management, sales funnels, and process design. Sales enablement features include document management, appointment scheduling, email and print templates, and pipeline management tools like deal room, forecasting, and quotas.

Communication and collaboration are also supported with internal collaboration, calendar and events management, email and inbox tools, video conferencing integration, and agent enablement for helpdesk automation.

The tool provides a host of features for marketing automation, with email marketing, social media, landing pages, and SMS campaigning capabilities. Project management features like task management, inventory, and work orders, as well as import and export and customization tools enhance productivity.

Overall, Calculus AI is a comprehensive and flexible tool that streamlines the entire sales process and maximizes revenue growth, from prospecting to customer retention.


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Pros and Cons


Identifies sales data patterns
Generates predictive insights
Tracks performance metrics
Monitors customer retention
Features for sales automation
Leads and contact management
Sales enablement features
Document management
Appointment scheduling
Email and print templates
Pipeline management tools
Deal room, forecasting, quotas
Supports internal collaboration
Calendar and events management
Video conferencing integration
Helpdesk automation capabilities
Marketing automation features
Email marketing, SMS campaigning
Project management capabilities
Import and export tools
Customization tools
Comprehensive sales suite
Maximizes revenue growth
Predicts sales forecasts
Monitors deal values
Tracks win rates
Integrated with Vtiger CRM
Email and inbox tools
Task management feature
Inventory and work order management
Instant answers in CRM
Catchy email subject lines suggestions
Automated email drafting
Improved email response etiquette
Enhanced response messages for support
Sentiment analysis for conversations
Call quality analysis
Actionable insights through dashboards
Next best action recommendations
Best time to contact recommendations
Email reply assistance
Accurate and granular deal scoring
Reliable pipeline forecasts
Integrates with 500+ apps
Analyzes historical customer data
Streamlines entire sales process


No offline access
Limited integrations
Complex for basic use
Lack of customization
No voice assistant support

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