Image upscaling 25 Feb 2022
Waifu XL
Anime image upscaling and enhancement.

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WaifuXL is a high-quality image upsampling tool for anime-style art that runs directly in your browser. It uses state-of-the-art neural networks to upscale images and gifs, increasing their resolution while preserving the original style and details.

WaifuXL automatically detects and tags elements such as solo figures, purple hair, long hair, blue eyes, school uniforms and more. It also classifies images and gifs into Safe, Questionable and Explicit categories.

WaifuXL is optimized for non-webkit based browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome and Edge, for the best performance. It is free to use and open source. Donations are welcome to support the development of WaifuXL.

Waifu XL was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 2nd 2022.
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Benjamin Mastripolito
· Jun 15, 2023
Really nice that this just runs in your browser and doesn't send your images to some black box web server where they do who knows what with your data
Haydn Jones
· Jun 15, 2023
Awesome website.
Leo Hammond 2
· Jun 5, 2023
Wouldn't let me use it just kept showing a picture and wouldn't let me get past the picture if you could fix it that would be great
Ann P
· Jun 4, 2023
It did a good job upscaling. The file went from 1.63mb to 12.1mb so I am not sure how helpful.

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Pros and Cons


Image and gif support
Upscales resolution
Preserves original style
Automatically tags images
Classifies image explicitness
Optimized for non-webkit browsers
Open source
Donations supported
Anime-focused upscaling
Safe, Explicit, Questionable categorization
Detects element details
Free to use


Only works well non-webkit browsers
Doesn't support vector images
Only optimized for anime-style art
No multi-image processing
No batch mode
Limited image adjustment options
Only supports browser use
No mobile optimization
Categories may not always accurate
Reliance on donations for development


What is Waifu XL?
How does Waifu XL enhance images?
What is unique about Waifu XL's anime image upscaling capability?
Can Waifu XL upscale gifs?
How does Waifu XL detect and tag elements in images?
What are examples of elements that Waifu XL can detect in images?
What browsers are best for using Waifu XL?
Is Waifu XL free to use?
How can I support the development of Waifu XL?
What is the resolution limit of Waifu XL?
Does Waifu XL classify images and gifs?
What are the categories used by Waifu XL for classifying images and gifs?
How does Waifu XL work with different types of images?
Can Waifu XL enhance images with purple hair or blue eyes characters?
What is the performance of Waifu XL on Safari?
How can I download upscaled images from Waifu XL?
What can I expect from Waifu XL regarding the preservation of original style and details?
How can I use Waifu XL to edit images?
Where can I find the source code for Waifu XL?
Can I use Waifu XL to enhance images of characters like Nagato Yuki or Ayanami Rei?

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