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Wanda is an AI-powered documentation tool designed to help technical teams streamline their documentation writing process. Its intuitive, all-in-one solution allows teams of all sizes to better facilitate knowledge transfer and improve customer experience through better and easier documentation workflows.

Wanda automates the busy work of documentation writing and maintenance, freeing up team members' time to focus more on building quality products. One of Wanda's key features is its ability to automatically generate documentation from a GitHub repository in seconds.

This feature makes it easy for teams to transform hundreds of hours already spent shipping products into base documentation that they can build on. Wanda's AI can also be trained with a team's documentation to provide technical support, automating repetitive tasks and responding to customer inquiries quickly.

Wanda is designed to simplify the documentation process and help teams spend 90% less time on technical documentation. Its user-friendly interface offers an all-encompassing solution for product documentation, making even the most complex documentation writing processes easy and painless.

Wanda was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic documentation generation
Integration with GitHub
Frees up team's time
User-friendly interface
Helps improve customer experience
Built for all team sizes
Simplifies documentation workflows
90% less time on documentation
Can be trained with team's documentation
Transforms product building hours into documentation
Automates repetitive documentation tasks
Ease of editing and publishing docs
Custom domain for publishing
Facilitates better knowledge transfer


No version control
Lacks integration with popular software
No offline mode
No multilingual support
Limited customization
Only supports GitHub
No real-time collaboration
No role-based permissions
Can't handle large repositories


What is Wanda?
What are the key features of Wanda?
How can Wanda improve our team's documentation process?
How does Wanda generate documentation from a GitHub repository?
What impact can Wanda have on customer experience?
Is Wanda suitable for all sizes of technical teams?
How is Wanda able to provide technical support?
What is the time-saving potential of using Wanda for technical documentation?
How intuitive is Wanda's user interface?
What are the steps to generate documentation with Wanda?
Can Wanda's AI be trained for specific team's needs?
How can Wanda help in automating the busy work of my technical team?
How does Wanda ensure simplification of the documentation process?
How does the 'save 90% of time' feature in Wanda work?
How does Wanda transform time spent shipping products into base documentation?
How does Wanda facilitate better knowledge transfer?
What does the user-friendly interface of Wanda offer?
Does Wanda support custom domain publishing for documentation?
How can Wanda help automate my team's technical support?
How do I get started with Wanda?


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