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Remote employee monitoring and time tracking.
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wAnywhere is an AI-based remote employee monitoring and desktop time tracking software designed to ensure security and boost productivity. This tool offers features such as automatic time monitoring, idle time tracking, website and app usage monitoring, and location tracking to maximize productivity.

It also provides intuitive and comprehensive visualization and reporting at various levels within the organization. Managers can set configurable actions when thresholds or boundaries are not met, including screen blocking or triggering notifications.In addition to monitoring, wAnywhere offers communication and collaboration capabilities within the platform.

Users can interact with team members through an enterprise-grade secured video conferencing app and enterprise chat. The tool allows for department-wise configuration, attachment, group creation, and the ability to add custom branding for a cohesive culture.wAnywhere also provides a collection of productivity-enhancing apps, allowing employees to have everything they need on a single desktop.

The tool is continuously adding new apps, and soon it will allow access to popular external apps as well.To keep employees engaged and motivated, wAnywhere offers gamification and wellness features.

It aims to increase engagement by providing innovative features that promote motivation and wellness.The tool also highlights its value in unlocking various benefits, including a location-agnostic secured workplace, flexibility in hybrid working, cost reduction in real estate, energy, and commuting, maximizing and tracking productivity, strengthening company culture, and providing data-driven insights through intuitive visualization and reporting.Furthermore, wAnywhere emphasizes AI-based security and compliance to create a secure environment for companies exploring the possibility of hybrid working.

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Pros and Cons


Automatic time monitoring
Idle time tracking
Website and app usage monitoring
Location tracking
Configurable violation actions
Screen blocking
Triggering notifications
Built-in communication and collaboration tools
Enterprise-grade secured video conferencing
Enterprise chat
Department-wise configuration
Supports attachments
Allows group creation
Custom branding ability
Productivity-enhancing apps
Continuous addition of new apps
Access to popular external apps
Gamification features
Wellness features
Secured workplace for hybrid working
Cost reduction assistance
Productivity maximization
Company culture strengthening
Data-driven insights
Intuitive visualization
Comprehensive reporting
Location agnostic
Individual and process level tracking
Task management
Time sheet app
Supports Mac, Windows and Linux
Integrated collaborative tools
Customizable security levels
Built for different team needs
Supports remote branches tracking
Motivation tools for remote teams
Apps for Open Source teams
Enforces 'clean desk policy'
Security compliance enforcement
Remediation workflow management
Facial Authentication support
On-premise/private solution availability
Easy to configure and setup
Supports all popular platforms
Inbuilt collaboration tools
Supports different plans.


Limited external app access
Potential privacy concerns
Limited platform coverage
Limited gamification features
Limited wellness features
Complicated department configuration
Lacks customization options
Software could block screen
Potential notification spam


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