Email writing 09 Feb 2023

Generated by GPT-3 is an AI-powered email assistant that uses ChatGPT technology to create personalized drafts for your emails. Designed specifically for B2B sales, agencies, and entrepreneurs, Warmest automatically drafts an email response by using your inbox as a reference point of your previous writing style when you receive an email.

The tool is designed to save time by drafting emails that would usually take hours to write. Warmest is structured to work effectively for a business environment, offering personalized and tailored copy to your customers.

This AI-assistant is suitable for companies, entrepreneurs, and agencies who need to reply to their customers promptly. The tool helps to speed up customer response times and save hundreds of hours spent writing emails each week.

Additionally, Warmest is easy to use—once you receive an email, the tool begins preparing a personalized draft instantly that you would be able to review and make adjustments before sending.

Warmest also guarantees that replies are delivered in a more personalized and professional style.


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