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Instantly writing personalized email drafts powered by AI.
Generated by ChatGPT functions as a ChatGPT-powered Artificial Intelligence (AI) email assistant, designed to facilitate and expedite the email writing process. This intelligent tool utilizes machine learning to study your email writing style and context, in order to draft personalized email replies for you.

Notably, it features the capability to provide assistance in case of difficulty with wording, by rewriting your emails and providing feedback. The feature of instant personalized draft creation can be quite efficient in speeding up communication significantly.

Warmest also notably integrates with your calendar to manage scheduling, harnessing AI to ensure you are meeting all your time-sensitive obligations. A notable aspect of Warmest is its ability to summarise the content of incoming emails into bite-sized, actionable points, allowing for easier digestion and action towards lengthy or complex emails.

With user-friendly features such as keyboard shortcuts and quick access to commands, simplifies the process of handling emails, which in turn has the potential to significantly save hours every week.

It also includes additional, modern email functionalities like setting emails to 'Snooze', and 'Send later', making it a well-rounded and comprehensive tool for efficient email management. offers a trial period for potential users to get a taste of its features before fully committing to the service.


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Pros and Cons


Email personalization
Drafts email responses
B2B specific
Context understanding
ChatGPT technology
Draft creation instantly
Improves communication efficiency
Email management
Includes scheduling features
Shortens lengthy emails
Integrates with calendar
Keyboard shortcuts
Quick access to commands
Contemporary email features
Snooze email
Send email later
Trial period available
Adapts to your style
Rewrites for changing tone
Offers writing feedback
Saves hundreds of hours
Expedites email processes
Works with business environments
Can modify draft responses
Assists entrepreneurs
Aids agencies
Actionable content summarization
Automates email
Facilitates precise email writing
Includes 'Lost for Words' feature
Manages time-sensitive obligations
Enhances productivity
Tailors copy to customers
Speeds up customer responses
Transforms email experience
Professional reply style
Acts as email co-pilot
Learning from your emails


Limited to email assistance
Dependent on previous emails
May replicate writing errors
Requires access to inbox
Involuntary stylistic adjustments
Complex or confusing emails
Calendar integration issues
Potential privacy concerns
Limited personalization options
Limited trial period


What is
How does use ChatGPT technology?
Who is designed for?
How does create personalized email drafts?
How does save time?
How does improve communication efficiency?
How quickly does prepare a draft after receiving an email?
How does ensure that replies are personalized?
How does integrate with my calendar?
What is the 'Snooze Email' feature of
How does help with content summarization?
Does have a trial period?
In what ways can rewrite my emails?
Does offer shortcuts and quick access commands?
How does learn my writing style and context?
What are the possible adjustments I can make to the email drafts created by
How can help me manage my schedule?
What does do to make emails easier to digest?
Can send emails at a later time?
How secure is my data with

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