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Improved marketing campaign email delivery.
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Warmy is an AI-powered email warm-up tool designed to improve email deliverability. By automating the warming up process, Warmy aims to simplify email marketing and make it more efficient.

The tool connects to your mailbox and utilizes an artificial intelligence engine called "Adeline" to warm up your mailbox at an optimal pace. Adeline analyzes hundreds of parameters daily, interacts with real people on your behalf, and ensures that your emails reach the inbox consistently.Warmy provides full progress monitoring, offering a clear and transparent process so users can stay informed and in control.

It includes features like an Email Deliverability Checker, Email Health Checker, and Email Template Checker to enhance the success of email campaigns.One key benefit of Warmy is that it improves email activity by automatically opening, marking as important, and removing sent messages from the spam folder, thereby boosting your reputation as a sender.

The tool also offers an ROI Calculator to estimate the potential savings and return on investment for businesses.Warmy is compatible with major email providers and offers integration with popular apps and tools, allowing users to streamline their workflows.

With a quick setup process, Warmy aims to save users weeks of frustration typically associated with email deliverability issues.Overall, Warmy provides a user-friendly and automation-driven solution to optimize email deliverability and enhance email marketing campaigns.


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