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Get curated show and movie recommendations with Open AI
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to provide curated show and movie recommendations. It utilizes the capabilities of OpenAI for generating recommendations, making it a useful resource for those users who are unsure of what to watch next.

The tool is built with Vercel Edge Functions. Vercel Edge Functions, an integral part of this tool, empowers the tool by improving its performance in terms of scalability and response times, enabling it to deliver consistent and efficient results to users.

It allows users to effectively engage with OpenAI's functionality in a practical manner. Another significant aspect of this tool is its potential for continuous improvement and customizability because of its open-source nature.

Details regarding its construction can be found online, allowing developers to gain understanding, make improvements, and customize it according to their needs.

It offers a rich array of possibilities from the perspective of both users looking for good content to watch, and developers who can find value in its functioning and structure.


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WatchThis was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized TV/movie recommendations
Selection of multiple genres
Additional specification options
Open source
Active developer interaction
Utilizes Vercel Edge Functions
Efficient response times
Continuously improvable
Customizable due to open source
Developer-friendly code
User engagement focused
Consistent results
Rich outward possibilities
Inclusive of user perspective
Helpful for indecisive users
Enables learning for developers
Improvable by other developers
Public GitHub repository
Active developer on Twitter


Lacks diverse recommendation algorithms
No multi-language support
Dependent on Vercel Edge Functions
Personalization options limited
Lacks large-scale deployment capability
No mobile interface
Restricted to TV and movies
No offline functionality
Lacks recommendation filtering options


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Is WatchThis an open-source tool?
What are the categories available in WatchThis?
How can I deploy WatchThis using my OpenAI API key?
Who developed WatchThis and where can I learn about him or her?
Can WatchThis continue to be improved and how?
Is there a possibility of finding out how WatchThis was built?
What's the significance of Vercel Edge Functions in improving WatchThis's performance?
What are the scalability benefits of WatchThis?
Does Vercel Edge Functions affect the response times of WatchThis?
How can developers engage with WatchThis's functionalities?
What value can developers derive from the functioning and structure of WatchThis?
Can users actively engage with the functionality of OpenAI through WatchThis?
How has WatchThis enhanced user engagement?

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