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Created chatbot for efficient customer service.
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Watermelon is a conversational AI platform that enables businesses to improve their customer service by building a personalized chatbot on top of GPT-4 technology. The platform offers a new chatbot environment integrated with GPT-4 technology designed to deliver fast, instant, and efficient customer service. With Watermelon, businesses can streamline their customer communication via an all-in-one inbox, which simplifies the customer service process by allowing team collaboration with the chatbot.
Additionally, Watermelon provides a chatbot builder and various integration channels including web widgets, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Its chatbot use cases include sales, marketing, HR and internal communications, and customer service automation. The platform caters to a range of industries including e-commerce, education, healthcare, financial services, municipalities, and tourism.
Watermelon's GPT-4 AI technology learns and adapts quickly to the information uploaded to the platform, making it possible to access via the web widget and various platforms with the API easily. The platform provides an all-in-one inbox where businesses can easily connect with customers and automate up to 96% of chats. The platform offers various resources such as an academy, downloads, help centre, and a blog. Overall, Watermelon allows businesses to supercharge their customer service with AI, streamline customer communication, and create an innovative approach to finding and recruiting candidates.

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Watermelon Pulse was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


GPT-4 technology integration
All-in-one inbox feature
Team collaboration with chatbot
Integration with web widgets, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram
Various use cases: sales, marketing, HR, internal communications, customer service
Applicability to multiple industries
Platform adapts to uploaded information
Automates up to 96% of chats
Provides educational resources
Streamlines customer communication
Enhances customer recruitment
Offers personalization and statistics
Offers live chat feature
Built-in integrations with multiple platforms
Streamlines workflow with API and Zapier integration
Includes customer profiles and custom fields
Real-time live chat
Easy customization for brand alignment
Excellent customer success stories


Limited integration channels
Tailored more to customer service
No multilingual support mentioned
No specific data security measures detailed
Lack of transparent pricing
No voice chat functionality
No mobile app mentioned
No mention of real-time metric tracking
No specific industries specialization


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What type of support does Watermelon Pulse offer to its users?

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