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Content & data analysis studio for enterprises.
Generated by ChatGPT is a next-generation enterprise studio for AI builders that brings together generative AI capabilities and traditional machine learning into a powerful platform that spans the AI lifecycle.

With, users can easily train, validate, tune, and deploy models and build AI applications in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the data.

The tool allows users to use open-source frameworks and tools for code-based, automated, and visual data science capabilities in a secure, trusted studio environment.

Users can also leverage foundation models and generative AI with minimal data, advanced prompt-tuning capabilities, and full SDK and API libraries to tune models for their specific business needs.

The tool enables users to accelerate the full AI model lifecycle, manage all the tools and runtimes in one place to train, validate, tune, and deploy AI models, and experiment with open-source models through IBM's partnership with Hugging Face.

The tool also offers a suite of foundation models tailored to ensure model trust and efficiency in business applications. can facilitate various tasks such as drafting job descriptions, classifying customer complaints, summarizing complex regulatory documents, and extracting key business information.

It can also evaluate and sort customer complaints or review customer feedback sentiment. Additionally, can help transform dense text into personalized executive overviews, capture key points from financial reports, meeting transcriptions and more, and identify named entities or parse terms and conditions with no pre-training required.

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Pros and Cons


Content generation capabilities
Comprehensive data analysis
Easy train, validate, tune functions
Open-source frameworks integration
Code-based capabilities
Automated data science capabilities
Visual data science capabilities
Secure studio environment
Minimal data requirement
Advanced prompt-tuning capabilities
Full SDK and API libraries
Manages tools and runtimes in one place
Partnership with Hugging Face
Foundation models for business efficiency
Task-specific functions
Customer complaint classification
Complex document summarization
Business info extraction
Personalized executive overviews
Document info extraction with no pre-training
Access to IBM's curated models
Experiment with open-source models
Bring your own models
Generates high-quality summaries
Content drafting with no code
Classifier building without training
Evaluate/sort customer feedback sentiment


Complexity may overwhelm users
Partial dependency on IBM models
Partnered with only Hugging Face
No pre-training required (accuracy?)
Efficiency in business applications unclear
Availability expected in July
Requires significant data tuning
No clear pricing information
Platform may limit flexibility
Reliance on foundation models.


What is
How does assist in content generation?
What kind of data analysis capabilities does provide?
How does benefit AI builders?
Can be used with open-source frameworks?
What are's capabilities in terms of model training and deployment?
How does support generative AI with minimal data?
What are the advanced prompt-tuning capabilities of
How does manage the full AI model lifecycle?
In what ways can help with drafting job descriptions or classifying customer complaints?
Is capable of summarizing complex regulatory documents?
Can evaluate customer feedback sentiment?
Does require pre-training to identify named entities or parse terms and conditions?
What role does play in content generation with no coding required?
How does assist in creating customer personas?
What are the functionalities of's SDK and API libraries?
Can be used to train and tune my own models?
What is the partnership between IBM and Hugging Face all about?
How can be used to accelerate AI?
When is the general availability of expected?

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