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Waveroom is an online remote recording studio designed to record podcasts, meetings, and interviews in studio quality. It enables users to record audio and video communications, with each participants recording available for individual download.

It offers features such as multi-track recording, allowing users to record, download, organize, and edit separate tracks of each participant. The platform is also equipped with AI-noise removal to eliminate background noise and enhance the quality of the recordings.

Additionally, Waveroom offers one-click collaboration, enabling users to share recording session links and record up to five participants simultaneously.

It also features a local recording mechanism that ensures high-quality recording, even with a slow internet connection. Future plans for Waveroom include the introduction of simplified editing, gap removal, speech-to-text conversion, and mobile support.

The tool is available for free with an option for an Enterprise plan for additional features. Please note that users are recommended to contact the sales team for information regarding the participant capacity expansion and paid enterprise plans.


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Waveroom was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Online remote recording
Studio quality sound
Multi-track recording
Individual track download
One-click collaboration
Up to five participants
Local recording mechanism
Resilient to slow internet
Future speech-to-text feature
Future mobile support
Free base version
Enterprise plan available
4K video recording
Lossless WAV audio
Recording session link sharing
Separate tracks for guests
Background noise removal
Simultaneous record, audio, video
High video, audio quality
Cloud recording
Local recording comparison
Podcast recording capability
Remote teaching capabilities
Corporate communication tool
Future gap removal feature
Video resolution up to 2K
Up to 120 minute sessions
Sessions extendable
Up to 5 participants
Recordings stored for 90 days


Limited to 5 participants
No mobile support
Recording limit of 120 minutes
Lack of advanced editing tools
Enterprise plan details unclear
Recordings only stored for 90 days
Simplified editing upcoming, not current
Gap removal feature not available
Speech-to-text conversion not present
Needs sales contact for participant expansion


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How many participants can record simultaneously in Waveroom?
How to expand the participant capacity in Waveroom?
What is Waveroom’s one-click collaboration feature?
What does 'local recording' mean in Waveroom?
How can I download individual tracks for each participant in Waveroom?
Does Waveroom offer mobile support?
What are some upcoming features of Waveroom?
What are the limitations of the free version of Waveroom?
What formats are available for downloads in Waveroom?
How does Waveroom aid in podcast recording?
Are the records on Waveroom saved in the cloud or locally?
How can I remove gaps in my recordings using Waveroom?
How long does Waveroom store the recordings?


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