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Waxwing is an AI-powered Project Management tool designed for growth teams. It facilitates the brainstorming, planning, prioritization, and execution of marketing tasks.

With its intelligent planning and strategy feature, it adapts strategies based on continuous user input and business results. Waxwing tailors marketing strategies according to the unique business objectives and provides real-time market insights.

It integrates with SEMRUSH, SPYFU, and AHREFS providing current market and competitor insights. Waxwing includes innovative content creation with Marketing GPT, providing access to a comprehensive prompt library and making tailored recommendations for dynamic marketing messages.

Its project management and collaboration utilities streamline task assignment, timeline management and aid with effective team communication. It offers efficient workflow optimization and creates actionable tasks based on interactive queries.

Waxwing continuously evolves with each interaction, refining strategies and role-based KPI alignments that personalize strategies to meet specific KPIs relevant to different job roles within an organization.

It also has an automated business profiling feature that generates detailed profiles from your website, covering niche, target audience, and more. Ideal for both individual marketers and teams, Waxwing provides straightforward and scalable pricing models, making it a suitable tool for B2B SaaS startups and growth marketers.


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Waxwing AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 11th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Adapts marketing plans regularly
Personalized strategy based on KPIs
Innovative content creation
Real-time market insight
Integration with SEMRUSH, SPYFU, AHREFS
Continuous tool evolution with interaction
Automated business profiling
Efficient workflow optimization
Interactive task generation
Role-based KPI alignment
Scalable pricing models
Comprehensive prompt library
Streamlined task assignment
Effective team communication platform
Ideal for individual marketers
Ideal for team usage
Tailored recommendations for marketing messages
Facilitates brainstorming and planning
Prioritizes marketing tasks
Regional specific marketing strategies
Unique KPIs for different roles
Generates profiles from your website
Suitable for B2B SaaS startups
Actionable tasks from interactive queries
Matrix-based task prioritization
Comprehensive business profile generation
Direct content integration in tasks
User-friendly interface for organization
Tools for deadline monitoring
Real-time market and competitor insights
Personalization for marketing goals
Insight-driven task creation
200+ prompts for content creation
Tailored content strategies
Streamlined execution for marketing initiatives
Integrated Marketing Platforms
Workflow similar to Jira, Monday
Strategies based on business results
Specific marketing task optimization
Guided marketing message creation
Automated niche definition
Automated target audience determination


Limited tool integrations
No offline functionality
No multi-language support
No mobile app
Unsuitable for non-marketing projects
Less efficient for individual marketers
Complex for non-technological users
Limited access to prompt library
Role-based KPIs can be restrictive
Too tailored to B2B SAS startups


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How does Waxwing AI generate actionable tasks based on interactive queries?
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How efficient is Waxwing AI for individual marketers as well as teams?
What makes Waxwing AI suitable for B2B SaaS startups and growth marketers?
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