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Custom commercials from imported business details.
Generated by ChatGPT

Waymark is an AI video creator that enables users to quickly and easily create compelling sample commercials. Waymark saves users up to 94% of creation time per commercial, from four hours to fifteen minutes.

The platform allows users to import business information, and the AI scans the web for local business data and automatically produces a video based on the brand.

It has been tested across TV, CTV, and digital platforms and meets the technical specs of MPEG-4 (.mp4) resolution at 1080p, H.264 codec, 29.97 frame rate, YUV 4:2:0 color space, 30,000 Kbps target bitrate, 8 bit depth, and progressive scan type.

Additionally, audio is encoded using PCM codec, 16 bit depth, 1536 Kbps bitrate, 2 channels, and 48 KHz frequency. Waymark also provides the ability to make last adjustments to the video before sharing, downloading, and airing it.

The platform is highly rated, with a 9.5 user likelihood to recommend Waymark (out of 10) and 86% of users saying they would be “very disappointed" without Waymark.


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Waymark was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


94% creation time saved
Automatic business data extraction
Final adjustment options
Tested across multiple platforms
Supports MPEG-4 (.mp4) resolution
1080p resolution
H.264 codec
29.97 frame rate
YUV 4:2:0 color space
30,000 Kbps target bitrate
8 bit depth
Progressive scan type
PCM Audio codec
16 bit audio depth
1536 Kbps audio bitrate
2 audio channels
48 KHz audio frequency
High user recommendation score
Fast commercial generation


No multiple video formats
Limited customization options
Output restricted to MP4
Dependence on web data
PCM audio codec only
No integrated collaboration tools
Cannot import own data
No personalized branding capabilities
Fixed frame rate


What is Waymark?
How does Waymark help to create commercials?
What kind of commercials can I create using Waymark?
How is Waymark able to save 94% of creation time per commercial?
What kind of information do I need to import into Waymark to create a commercial?
How does Waymark scan the web for local business data?
In which formats can Waymark create videos?
What are the technical specs of a video created with Waymark?
How can I make last adjustments to my video on Waymark?
What do users say about Waymark?
What types of platforms is Waymark able to create videos for?
Can I download and share videos directly from Waymark?
What is the likelihood of a user recommending Waymark?
What are some examples of commercials created with Waymark?
How does Waymark source brand elements for the video creation?
What resolution does Waymark support for its videos?
What color space does Waymark use?
What is the audio encoding of the Waymark videos?
Can I request for a Waymark demo?
What are the pricing plans of Waymark?

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