Greeting cards 19 Jan 2023
We Write Cards

Generated by GPT-3

We Write Cards is an AI tool that provides custom written messages for any occasion in just 30 seconds. It offers two levels of service: Basic and Premium.

The Basic package is free and includes any occasion, customization (name, date, relationship), standard writing style, and fast turnaround. The Premium package includes any writing style, 3 revisions and is priced at 0.99.

The Business package is custom and allows you to send 100’s of custom cards to your clients and customers. It includes any occasion, customization, and a custom writing style for your business.

We Write Cards also offers a FAQ section and Examples section for customers to browse. All messages are lovingly crafted and can be tailored to suit any occasion, from birthdays and holidays to weddings and anniversaries, and even condolence messages.

The tool also allows customers to make a payment and receive their message shortly after.



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