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Improve site engagement with personalized chatbot.
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Web2Chat is an AI tool that enables websites to have their own personalized chatbot for customer engagement. The chatbot is trained directly on the website's content, allowing it to respond instantly to visitor inquiries.

With Web2Chat, users can enhance user interactions and improve customer service efficiency effortlessly.To get started, users can easily build a chatbot tailored to their website's needs by feeding content to Web2Chat.

This content can include the website itself, specific text files, Zendesk articles, or even files from Notion workspace. By selecting the desired pages or uploading the files, users can initiate the training process which makes the chatbot smarter in real-time.The custom chatbot created through Web2Chat becomes an AI assistant for the website, capable of answering any query related to the site's content.

It is fully customizable, allowing users to personalize the bot's training data sources, user experience, AI settings, and appearance to best suit their needs.

Users also have access to an inbox feature that provides a detailed list of all conversations the bot has had with users, including valuable user data like location and browser type.Web2Chat offers diverse pricing plans to accommodate various website needs, from budding startups to well-established enterprises.

The plans include features such as multiple bots, message credits, character limits, embeddable chat interface, file upload capability, and extensive customization options.The tool also supports multiple languages, enabling chatbots to answer questions in any language.

Additionally, it provides messaging credits for faster response times and allows users to invalidate outdated bot responses. Users can track their account usage, including the total character count used for training, through the billing page.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time chatbot training
Personalized chatbot creation
Diverse data training sources
Multiple languages support
Multiple pricing plans
Inbox feature details interactions
Bot appearance customization
Billing statistics tracking
Outdated responses invalidation
Files upload from Notion
Embeddable chat interface
Data scraper for websites
Collects user's location
Collects user's browser type
Content-specific bot responses
Zendesk articles as data source
Scalable character limits
Multi-user conversation support
Live chat feature
User ratings system
User details collection
Unique bot URL embedding
Responses to common queries saved
Faster response via message credits
Allows multiple files upload
Extensive appearance customization
Data from APIs for training
Standard, Premium plan offers
Multiple bots support
Renewable message credits
User satisfaction tracking
Embedding on unlimited websites


Requires content feeding
Limited character count
No offline mode
Inability to invalidate responses
Limited message credits
Dependent on source quality
Pricy for multiple bots
Limited file types supported
No free plan
Chat history storage unspecified


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