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Web content analysis & conversational Q&A system.
Generated by ChatGPT

WebQuery is an AI-powered tool that allows users to dive into web links and engage in conversations with articles. By uploading the link(s) of the desired article(s) and registering, users can ask any question freely and receive answers from ChatGPT, an AI model trained to understand and address doubts and queries based on the article content.

The tool eliminates the need for humans to read entire articles by providing a summarization of key information and answering specific questions.WebQuery offers different pricing plans.

The basic plan allows users to review their past history, register up to 5 groups of articles, and upload a maximum of 10 links at once. The premium plan offers unlimited article registrations and the ability to upload up to 50 links at once, along with the same features as the basic plan.The tool aims to save time by providing necessary information quickly, especially when time is limited, and offers a new perspective leading to a deeper understanding of the article.

WebQuery emphasizes ease of use, as users can start conversations directly from a link without complicated operations, simply by registering the link of their favorite article.

The tool also provides notifications to keep users updated.Overall, WebQuery enables users to interact with web content in a conversational manner, empowering them to ask questions and gain insights without the need for extensive reading and research.


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WebQuery was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Dives into web links
Engages in conversations with articles
Answers questions freely
Based on article content
Summarizes key information
Different pricing plans
Review past history
Registrations of groups of articles
Upload multiple links
Saves time by providing information quickly
New perspectives of understanding
Ease of use
No complicated operations
Start conversations directly from links
Provides notifications
Interacts with web content conversationally
Unlimited article registrations with premium plan
Upload up to 50 links with premium plan
Offers a deeper understanding of content


Maximum of 50 links premium
Initial registration wait time
Limited to article content
Requires article links
Not truly unlimited
Can't handle complex queries
Dependent on ChatGPT
Possible misinterpretation of text
No offline usage
Premium plan unavailable


What is WebQuery?
How does WebQuery work?
What is ChatGPT and how is it connected to WebQuery?
Can I use WebQuery for free?
What are the benefits of a Premium WebQuery subscription?
How many links/articles can I register with a basic WebQuery account?
What specific features does WebQuery offer in the premium pricing plan?
How does WebQuery save users time?
How do I start a conversation with a link on WebQuery?
Does WebQuery provide article summarizations or specific answers?
How can I review my past history on WebQuery?
How many questions can I ask per registered article on WebQuery?
Does WebQuery support multiple languages?
How does WebQuery notify users about updates?
What happens after registering a link on WebQuery?
What types of questions can be asked to ChatGPT on WebQuery?
Can WebQuery analyze multiple links at once?
Does WebQuery offer any group registration?
How long does the registration process take on WebQuery?
Can WebQuery help me understand complex article content?

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