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Efficient patent drawing production.
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The tool offered by Westinghouse AI, LLC allows users to create original patent drawings quickly and easily through the use of generative AI technology.

By utilizing this tool, users can save significant amounts of time and resources when creating patent drawings, as the process is streamlined and automated.

It is worth noting that the tool is currently awaiting patent approval, indicating that it has unique features and functionality that set it apart from other similar tools on the market.

The tool appears to be in high demand, as users are invited to join a waitlist to gain access to it. The company behind the tool is Westinghouse AI, LLC, a United States-based organization headquartered in Idaho.

The organization has all rights reserved and appears to be committed to its patent-pending technology. While no specific details about the tool's capabilities or pricing are provided, its ability to automate the creation of patent drawings through the use of generative AI could prove highly valuable for individuals or organizations involved in patent applications or other related fields.


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Westinghouse was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick patent drawing creation
Streamlined drawing process
Automated drawing production
Unique pending features
High demand
Committed US-based organization
Valuable for patent applications
Potential for high efficiency
Helps save resources
Potential time saver
Reliable tool awaiting patent
Invites to join waitlist
Access to new technology
Fully owned rights
Potential uniqueness in market


No detailed tool specification
Limited access (waitlist)
No pricing details
Lack of transparency
No API mentioned
Closed source
No accessible support
US-based only
No feedback system


What is Westinghouse AI, LLC?
What does the Westinghouse AI tool do?
How does the Westinghouse AI tool help with patent drawings?
What is the technology behind Westinghouse's AI tool?
What makes the Westinghouse AI tool unique?
Is the Westinghouse AI tool patented?
How can I gain access to the Westinghouse AI tool?
Why is there a waiting list to use the Westinghouse AI tool?
Who can benefit from the Westinghouse AI tool?
Is Westinghouse AI based in the United States?
How can I contact Westinghouse AI, LLC?
Is the patent drawing tool by Westinghouse AI user-friendly?
How fast can the Westinghouse AI tool generate patent drawings?
Can I save resources using the Westinghouse AI tool?
How does Westinghouse AI, LLC protect its technology rights?
Can the Westinghouse AI tool generate detailed patent images?
How does the Westinghouse AI tool differ from other similar tools on the market?
What is the pricing of the Westinghouse AI tool?
How does AI automation contribute to the efficient creation of patent drawings?
What kind of support does Westinghouse AI, LLC provide for tool errors?

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