What on earth?
Learning difficult concepts through engaging stories.

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WhatOnEarth is an AI tool created by @naklecha which uses stories as a method of learning new concepts. It is designed to generate stories about topics which may be difficult for people to understand, such as dark matter.

Dark matter is a mysterious form of matter that makes up 27% of the universe, but cannot be seen or observed directly. WhatOnEarth can help users learn about this concept by providing a narrative which explains the topic in an easy to understand way.

The tool is useful for those who may not have a scientific background and need a more intuitive way to learn about topics such as dark matter. The stories generated by WhatOnEarth provide a fun and engaging way for users to understand concepts that may otherwise be difficult to grasp.

What on earth? was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 29th 2022.
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Shiner Haze
· Sep 13, 2023
They ran out of money and are defunct
massimiliano bellina
· May 20, 2023
Out of money, site closed :(

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Pros and Cons


Transforms complex concepts into narratives
Engaging story-based learning
Ideal for non-scientific backgrounds
Makes difficult topics easier
Useful for varying ages
Aids comprehension of unfamiliar subjects
Encourage imagination and conceptual thinking
Easily accessible narratives
Allows reimagining of learning concepts
Interesting alternative to academic learning
Wide array of topic potential
Personalized learning experience
Promotes continuous learning
Empowers self-directed learning


Limited topic coverage
No scientific accuracy checks
Lacks text customization options
No user-friendly interface
Non-interactable narratives
No user progress tracking
No multi-language support
Requires internet connection
Limited user engagement features
Text data overuse


What is WhatOnEarth?
Who created WhatOnEarth?
How does WhatOnEarth use stories for learning?
Can WhatOnEarth help me understand complex topics like dark matter?
Who might find WhatOnEarth most useful?
Do I need a scientific background to understand the stories created by WhatOnEarth?
How does WhatOnEarth make learning fun?
Can WhatOnEarth explain all concepts through stories?
How does WhatOnEarth generate a narrative to explain difficult concepts?
Is WhatOnEarth available for any age group?
Are the stories generated by WhatOnEarth easy to understand?
What is the level of complexity of the topics that WhatOnEarth can generate stories about?
Can WhatOnEarth be used as an educational tool?
Does WhatOnEarth use real-life examples in its stories?
How accurate are the explanations provided by WhatOnEarth?
Can WhatOnEarth help children understand scientific concepts?
Where can I access WhatOnEarth?
Is WhatOnEarth free or paid?
How often is WhatOnEarth updated with new features?
Can I request a story on a specific topic in WhatOnEarth?

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