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WDYHFD (What Did You Have For Dinner?) is a personal meal management tool designed to help users track, organize and optimize their culinary experiences.

It offers features like effortless recipe management, where users can import recipes from anywhere, organize them on the WDYHFD platform and easily update them with personal modifications for future reference.

This platform also allows for seamless meal logging, enabling users to record every meal, whether home-cooked or from a restaurant for a comprehensive food journal.

Users can also write restaurant reviews to improve future dining experiences and share insights. An intelligent search and retrieval function lets users quickly search through each logged meal, recipe and restaurant, making it easier to reuse recipes and re-experience unforgettable meals.

The tool encourages the sharing of personalized recipes and restaurant reviews, fostering a community of shared culinary wisdom. It also provides users with personalized recipe suggestions tailored to their unique preferences.

The tool includes an AI assistant for recipe editing and uploading and offers personalized meal recommendations.


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Pros and Cons


Effortless recipe management
Import recipes from anywhere
Personal modifications to recipes
Seamless meal logging
Comprehensive food journal
Restaurant reviews feature
Intelligent search function
Re-experience favorite meals
Community building via sharing
Personalized recipe suggestions
Personalized meal recommendations
Track, organize and optimize meals
Culinary wisdom sharing
Culinary experiences database
Log every meal type
Sharing culinary adventures
Pricing plan options
14-day free trial
Search among entries
Facilitates diet optimization
Improving future dining experiences


No free plan
No offline access
No multi-language support
No dietary restriction options
No family sharing options
No Android app
No iOS app
No barcode scanner for ingredients
Costly premium plan
No meal planning feature


What is WDYHFD?
How does WDYHFD help with recipe management?
Can I import recipes from other places to WDYHFD?
What does WDYHFD's meal logging feature entail?
Can I record restaurant meals on WDYHFD?
Can I write restaurant reviews on WDYHFD?
How does the smart search function on WDYHFD work?
Can I share my recipes and reviews with others on WDYHFD?
Does WDYHFD provide personalized recipe suggestions?
What assistance does the WDYHFD AI assistant offer?
Can the AI assistant in WDYHFD help with meal recommendations?
What is the main function of WDYHFD's food journal feature?
Is there a feature for digital cookbook in WDYHFD?
Does WDYHFD allow if I need to update or edit my recipes?
How does WDYHFD aid with diet optimization?
Does WDYHFD foster a community for shared culinary experiences?
What are the benefits of having a personal meal database with WDYHFD?
Can WDYHFD help record my past meals?
Is there a pricing plan for using WDYHFD?
How can I sign up for WDYHFD?

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