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WhatGPT is a free AI assistant designed for WhatsApp users. It assists with real-time questions and generates quick replies, making conversations smooth and efficient.

With its concise and short responses, it's excellent for quick conversations, perfect for anyone who wants a fast resolution to their queries. WhatGPT provides users with an option to explore topics deeper, generating a list of web links, making it easy and convenient to get additional information.

Unlike other services that may require logins, captchas, and downtime periods, WhatGPT's availability is always on, ensuring users obtain the service they need without any restrictions.

The tool is free, but users can opt for a monthly subscription to unlock additional features and perks. The Plus subscription plan offers more benefits such as 200 messages per day, early access to new features and 24/7 unlimited support.

WhatGPT does not require any installations, signups or credit card details to use; users can instantly connect on WhatsApp. The AI tool fits perfectly as an extension to the messaging app, making it accessible and user-friendly.

Overall, WhatGPT is an ideal AI companion for WhatsApp communication and seems fit for individuals who require fast and accurate responses to queries.


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WhatGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free version available
Direct WhatsApp integration
Real-time question assistance
Generates quick replies
Ideal for quick conversations
List generation for deeper exploration
Provides web links
No login or captcha required
Always online
Upgradeable with monthly subscription
Up to 200 messages per day for Plus subscribers
Early access to new features for Plus subscribers
24/7 unlimited support for subscribers
No installation or sign up
No credit card details required
Immediate accessibility
Effective extension to WhatsApp
Instant connection on WhatsApp
Supports efficient conversations
Ideal for quick problem resolution
User-friendly interface
Combines GPT and chatbot technology


Limited to WhatsApp
Limited free messages
Monthly charge for more features
Early access tied to subscription
No installation might limit functionality
Only short, concise responses
Limited support for free users
Possibly no customization options
Support only via Google Forms
Dependent on WhatsApp's uptime


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How often is WhatGPT available?
Is WhatGPT free to use?
How can I use WhatGPT's additional features?
What benefits are there in the Plus subscription for WhatGPT?
Do I need to install anything to use WhatGPT?
How can I connect with WhatGPT on Whatsapp?
How does WhatGPT fit into the messenger app?
What is the maximum message limit per day for a free user of WhatGPT?
If I opt for a monthly subscription, how many messages can I send per day using WhatGPT?
How to upgrade my WhatGPT to Plus subscription?
Does WhatGPT provide support to all the users?
What is the cost of WhatGPT's Plus subscription?
How concise are the responses from WhatGPT?
How can I start using WhatGPT?


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