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Personalized chatbot for delegating tasks and responses.
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WhatsGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that offers next-generation AI experience for users in a variety of messaging apps including WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

The tool uses GPT technology to offer customers personalized messaging experience across all platforms. With WhatsGPT, users can access 45 terabytes of processed data, making it easy to obtain general knowledge or practical information.

The AI-driven tool also offers a premium subscription option which provides users with additional benefits such as unlimited access, ability to use voice messages and send images, and the ability to engage in multiple chats.

Users can save time by delegating mundane tasks such as responding to customer queries, generating reports or drafting contracts to ChatGPT. The chatbot efficiently processes information and provides accurate responses in real-time, making it a valuable tool for professionals looking to enhance their productivity and communication.

WhatsGPT is easy to integrate into user messaging experience, allowing for streamlined communication and seamless delegation of tasks. Overall, WhatsGPT is an innovative tool that enhances communication and productivity with powerful AI-driven features, accurate responses to inquiries, and the ability to handle complex tasks with efficiency.

Its premium subscription option offers additional benefits for users seeking an enhanced messaging experience.


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May 22, 2023
I've been using the WhatsGPT.me bot on WhatsApp and it's a game-changer! It's like having an AI assistant right in your chat
May 10, 2023
Easy to use, no app downloads or whatsoever. It also supports audio messaging in many languages.

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WhatsGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Works on MySQL
WhatsApp, Telegram and FB Integration
GPT tech
45 TBs of Processed Data
Premium Subscription Available
Voice Messages
Image Sending
Multiple Chats
Tasks Delegation
Real-Time Responses
Accurate Responses
Efficient Data Processing
Easy Integration
Unified Messaging Across Platforms
Extra Power with Premium
Access to Global Information
Drafting Contracts Automation
Report Generation
Customer Queries Management
Global Platform Communication
Personalized Messaging Experience
Enhances Productivity
Improves Communication
Handles Complex Tasks
Streamlines Communication
Seamless Task Delegation


No multilingual support
Premium for voice/image messages
No apparent sentiment analysis
Relies on external messaging apps
Limited to only chat tasks
No on-premises version
Not open source
No SDKs or APIs
Potential privacy issues
No offline mode


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How is WhatsGPT integrated into messaging apps?
Which languages are available for use with WhatsGPT?
How do I start using WhatsGPT on WhatsApp or Telegram?
What kind of additional features can I access with the premium version of WhatsGPT?
How does the AI in WhatsGPT work?
Is WhatsGPT able to understand and respond to voice messages?
Can WhatsGPT send images?
Can I engage in multiple chats at the same time using WhatsGPT?
What is the processing time of WhatsGPT?
How can businesses benefit from using WhatsGPT?
Does WhatsGPT support Facebook Messenger?
Is there any trial version available for WhatsGPT premium?
Where can I contact for support or help regarding WhatsGPT?

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