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Assistive Voice Technology for people with a voice disability and people who stutter severely
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Whispp is an AI-driven technology primarily aimed at aiding people with speech impediments and severe stuttering. This tool showcases innovative assistive voice technology, designed to convert whispers or vocal cord impaired speech into clear, natural voices.

The technology ultimately aims to enhance communication by offering a more relaxed and confident speaking experience, regardless of the particularity of one's voice disability.

Whispp allows users to reach anyone on their mobile or fixed number without requiring the other person to have the app installed. In addition, the platform provides the option of personalizing the voice that is produced, striving to retain a semblance of the user's unique vocal identity.

A distinct feature is that it allows recordings so that the generated Whispp voice can mimic one's own healthy voice, delivering a more personal touch.

Moreover, the tool offers services for various situations, from personal use to professional settings, enabling individuals to communicate more effectively in their work environment.

It is scientifically indicated that people who stutter severely show a significant reduction in their stuttering frequency while using Whispp. Useful for individuals and speech therapists, Whispp provides practical support for communication both during and post-treatment.

This tool is acknowledged for its commitment to making communication more accessible, with recognition in the form of a CES Innovation Award for Accessibility.

Whispp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 23rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Assists speech impediments
Innovative assistive voice technology
Enhances communication
For mobile or fixed number
No app needed on receiver's end
Personalized voice feature
Retains user's unique voice
Allows voice recordings
Catered to personal and professional use
Significant stuttering reduction
Supports post-treatment communication
Received CES Innovation Award
Designed for voice disabilities
Voice conversion technology
Works for severe stutter
Amplifies voice and removes background
Transforms voice into clear natural speech
Can be used with an Electrolarynx
Supports soft whispers to rough esophageal speech
Can make clear and relaxed calls
Helps with patient's post-treatment communication
Increase productivity for employees
Potential B2B integration
Can secure personal voice post-diagnosis


Limited personalization options
Could mimic voices inaccurately
Requires recorded voice input
Potential privacy issues
Dependent on voice quality
No offline usage
May disregard nuanced speech
Specific to voice disabilities
Not suitable for all languages
No real-time translation


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