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Efficient code review assistant.
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Whispr AI is an AI-powered code review assistant that is designed to save time and improve coding efficiency. It works by connecting to a developers’ GitHub account, and then providing instant help when commenting on pull requests.

The AI assistant provides descriptions of the code, and also makes suggestions to improve the code. It does not store any code on its system, and all data is securely read via the GitHub API.

There is a free trial available, which includes 1 repository listener and 30 free API credits. This allows developers to test the tool and see the impact it can have on their coding workflow.


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Whispr AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Connects to GitHub account
Instant help on comments
Provides code descriptions
Suggests code improvements
Secure data reading
Doesn't store code
Free trial available
Includes repository listener
Offers free API credits
Save time on commenting
Summarizes code changes
No credit card required
Helps identify code errors
Supports code optimization
User-friendly setup
Inclusion of future features
Security of code privacy
Potential for spotting bugs


Limited to GitHub only
No bug spotting feature
Limited free trial
Limited to 1 repository
Doesn't store code
Limited API credits
Payment required post-trial
Cannot review without commenting
Dependant on GitHub API
Doesn't support private repositories


What is Whispr AI?
How does Whispr AI work?
What are the main features of Whispr AI?
How does Whispr AI improve my coding efficiency?
Does it matter how many repositories I have on GitHub?
Is my code safe with Whispr AI?
What are API credits and what are they used for?
Is there a maximum number of pull requests Whispr AI can handle?
What kind of suggestions can Whispr AI provide while reviewing code?
How can Whispr AI help me write comments on pull requests?
What do I need to get started with Whispr AI?
Does Whispr AI offer a free trial?
How many API credits do I get in the free trial?
Can Whispr AI spot bugs or errors in my code?
Is Whispr AI a time-saver for code reviews?
Can Whispr AI work with any coding language?
In what conditions can't I use the Whispr AI?
What are the benefits of using Whispr AI as a bot?
Can Whispr AI be integrated with any other tools apart from Github?
What is the pricing structure after the free trial ends?

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