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Advanced question-answering chatbot.
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Whispr is a machine learning and natural language processing artificial intelligence model designed to provide advanced responses to questions of any complexity.

Its capabilities range from simple queries to more complex inquiries related to technical details or troubleshooting. The software is free and is constantly being improved and updated with feedback from users.

Whispr offers a selection of AI tools such as Galen, an AI-doctor, Fortuna which helps to make money, an Image Generator, a Text To Notes tool, a Summarize Text function and a Sarcastic ChatBot.

All of these tools are available to use for free and can be accessed via the Whispr website or through downloading the app. The developers of Whispr are committed to providing the best possible user experience, so any questions or feedback can be emailed to [email protected].

Whispr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Advanced question-answering capabilities
Handles simple to complex inquiries
Frequently updated and improved
Free to use
Fortuna money-making tool
Image Generator available
Text To Notes function
Summarize Text feature
Sarcastic ChatBot
Accessible via website or app
User feedback importance
Committed to best user experience
Detailed product feature responses
Hands-on customer support
User-centric development
Open to suggestions and improvements
Transparent processing indication


No offline functionality
Limited question-response speed
No multi-language support
No personalization options
Dependent on the internet
Limited API offering
Restricted to app/website
No developer community support
No user manuals or guides


What is Whispr?
How does Whispr work?
What is the range of questions that Whispr can answer?
Is Whispr really free to use?
What AI tools does Whispr offer besides its chatbot feature?
How does Galen, the AI doctor in Whispr work?
What is the features of Fortuna on Whispr?
How can I use the Image Generator in Whispr?
How does Whispr's Text to Notes tool function?
What does the Summarize Text 5 keypoints tool in Whispr do?
What's unique about Whispr's Sarcastic ChatBot?
How can I download the Whispr app?
Can I use Whispr on any device?
What should I do if I face a problem while using Whispr?
How can I provide feedback on Whispr?
Do the developers of Whispr use user feedback to improve the tool?
Why does the page take a few seconds to load after I send input to Whispr?
How does Whispr process my input?
Can I ask more complicated, technical questions with Whispr?
How specific should my inquiries be for the most accurate response from Whispr?

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