Conversations 30 Jan 2023
Advanced question-answering chatbot.

Generated by ChatGPT

Whispr is a machine learning and natural language processing artificial intelligence model designed to provide advanced responses to questions of any complexity.

Its capabilities range from simple queries to more complex inquiries related to technical details or troubleshooting. The software is free and is constantly being improved and updated with feedback from users.

Whispr offers a selection of AI tools such as Galen, an AI-doctor, Fortuna which helps to make money, an Image Generator, a Text To Notes tool, a Summarize Text function and a Sarcastic ChatBot.

All of these tools are available to use for free and can be accessed via the Whispr website or through downloading the app. The developers of Whispr are committed to providing the best possible user experience, so any questions or feedback can be emailed to [email protected]


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