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Analysing thousands of text rows in minutes made easy.
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WhyHive is an AI Text Analysis tool designed for rapid, straightforward text analysis. It's set up for users to easily analyze large volumes of text data, code key themes in datasets using AI, and visually represent the results through interactive and shareable charts.

The system supports both big and small datasets and saves users time typically spent on manual coding. The tool also helps identify and assign themes in an automated way.

Additionally, the tool is user-friendly, promising an easy get-started process and less complexity compared to other tools. Users can create visual charts to examine their results and segment the data for more accurate results.

WhyHive also offers the option to export data directly into other platforms. Emphasizing privacy and security, WhyHive ensures user's data remains private and encrypted in their database.

It doesn't use the data to train AI models and stores data on Australian servers. WhyHive is applicable for various types of data including survey, sales, CRM, or impact measurement data, and supports both CSV and Excel file types.

Users can also carry out both qualitative and quantitative analysis, enabling the extraction of themes from qualitative data and associating these themes with the qualitative data.


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May 23, 2024
Great tool for researchers, marketers. Saves loads of time if you have lots of open-ended text data you want to analyse

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Pros and Cons


Rapid text analysis
Supports large datasets
Supports small datasets
Automated theme identification
Easy startup process
Interactive, shareable charts
Data segmentation
Export data directly
Strong privacy measures
Data encryption
No data used for training
Data stored on Australian servers
Covers various data types
Supports CSV and Excel files
Qualitative and Quantitative analysis
Extracts themes from qualitative data
Associates themes with data
Sales Analysis
Survey Analysis
CRM Analysis
Big Data Analysis
User-friendly interface
Saves time on manual coding
Text Mining capabilities


Limited to text analysis
Stored data in Australia only
Supports only CSV and Excel
Lacks multilingual support
No API functionality mentioned
No indication of real-time analysis
No integration with other software mentioned
Lacks advanced customization
No sentiment analysis mentioned
Data visualizations may be basic


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What measures does WhyHive take to ensure data privacy and security?
On what servers does WhyHive store user data?
Are there certain file format requirements for WhyHive?
Can WhyHive automate the data coding process?
What type of analysis, qualitative or quantitative, does WhyHive support?
How does WhyHive approach text mining?
Can I apply WhyHive's data analysis for sales and CRM data?
How does WhyHive's AI assist in thematic analysis?
How fast can WhyHive process thousands of text rows?
Does WhyHive's data encryption affect the ability to train AI models?
What kind of visual charts can be created using WhyHive?
Does WhyHive offer segmentation of data for accurate results?
Can WhyHive directly export data into other platforms?

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