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Boost engagement: chat generates content wisdom.
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WisdomAI by Searchie is an AI-powered chat tool designed to unlock the potential of content creators by providing generative wisdom for courses, coaching programs, podcasts, memberships and more.

The tool is powered by GPT-4 and offers a free live demo for users to experience Chat Powered Wisdom. WisdomAI allows you to train the tool with your own content by uploading it directly or connecting to media sources such as podcasts, YouTube, Facebook and more.

The more content you upload, the smarter the tool gets. WisdomAI also extracts essential information from multiple sources in your content library and consolidates it into one conversational and fully referenced response.

A showcase of influencers and thought leaders who have used the tool is available, including Dan Martell, Russell Brunson, and Marie Forleo. Moreover, WisdomAI offers practical benefits such as being an effective way for creators to leverage their content and help their audience make more progress with what they teach.

WisdomAI encourages creators to create their own AI chat by providing access through registration. Searchie Inc. owns the tool, and its terms and privacy policies apply.

WisdomAI by Searchie is useful for creators in unlocking the hidden wisdom within their content and driving more engagement with their audience.


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WisdomAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free live demo
Trainable with own content
Connects to media sources
Extracts key info from content
Generates conversational responses
Used by influential figures
Utilizes GPT-4
Boosts engagement through chat
Supports a variety of formats
Practical benefits for creators
Register to access
Finds hidden wisdom in content
User-friendly interface
Supports multiple languages
Facilitates content leverage
Re-usable chat responses
Integrates with social platforms
Comprehensive knowledge base
Clear terms and privacy policies
Can be used on any device
Transparent operation
Endless chatbot training
Good for personal branding
Keeps audience engaged
Automates content analysis


Limited customizability
No multi-language support
Lack of comprehensive API
Requires constant content upload
Dependent on external sources
Lack of visible encryption
Does not support all platforms
Limited influencer endorsement
No offline mode
Unclear terms and policies


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How does WisdomAI extract essential information from content?
Who are some influencers that have used WisdomAI?
How can WisdomAI benefit content creators?
How can I register and get access to WisdomAI?
What kind of content does WisdomAI best work with?
Can WisdomAI be used to engage audience through live chat?
What platforms can WisdomAI connect to in order to access content?
How does WisdomAI help in making a coaching program more effective?
How does WisdomAI extract wisdom from podcasts?
Does WisdomAI have a free live demo?
What are the terms and privacy policies of using WisdomAI?
Has WisdomAI been product tested or reviewed?
How does WisdomAI enhance audience engagement?
Can I create a custom AI chat with WisdomAI?

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